Combative Show And Tell

Here's our boys showing off a fresh kill. Akbar took quite a few rounds in him, but his overall demeanor doesn't seem to unpleasant. He must have been thinking about what he's going to do with all his virgins, which really kind of seems like a raw deal to me. I'd want some of them to know what the fuck they're doing with a cock.

  •   killkenny August 17, 2011

    I think he'll be somebody else's virgin.

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  • boredshitless August 17, 2011

    bonus, he got an extra hole in his head!

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  • grinder August 17, 2011

    whats he looking at with that one eye?

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  • tat2d_soldier August 17, 2011

    support our troops

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  • lenny9651 August 17, 2011

    say hello to allah for me

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  • stevenh915 August 17, 2011

    this guy just keeps coming back to life, iv seen him in loads of other photo's! . . . what?. .. . .what do u mean millions of them?, oh right. . i thought it was just one guy. lol how stupid do i feel right now !

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  • thederp August 17, 2011

    desensitized much?...

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  • larbob August 17, 2011

    at least his feet are facing east.

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  • jphinfan86 August 17, 2011

    youtube com /watch?v=7ndqbIHqcLk

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  • ohwickedwendi August 17, 2011

    I'll see your insurgent, and raise you two.

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  •   rockinron August 18, 2011

    better not be one fucking word from anyone about how bad they are treating this dead fucking sand nigger!1 they fuckin torture our soldiers to death and cut there fucking bodys to pieces and drag them thru the streets for hours. this guy is getting 10 x more respect than he ever gave one of his dead enemys!! fuck the middle east they need to make the whole damn region into a glass parking lot!!

    +5 -3
  • fiercepierce August 18, 2011

    What a brainless jihadist.

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  • satdudeuk August 18, 2011

    Another dirty rag head DEAD love it

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  • d90girl August 18, 2011

    Sad thing is...You all know these boy's will need counseling unless they already committed suicide upon debriefing !

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  • heywodjablowmi August 20, 2011

    he was keeping an eye on the camera man

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  • airsporter May 24, 2015

    'We have Brains - F**kin gross'

    Both assholes will probably get the V.C. - One for holding his head up in a War Zone & for the other badass hero to step into shot to take a picture for his Mom without his gloves on..

    d90girl reckons these poor boys are going to need 'counselling'.. The 'difference' of ideoligies is becoming blurred.

    This lot are showing disrespect to an Enemy on a Govt funded mandate- No more no less.

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