In Soviet Russia Cut Off Paybacks You

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This guy is my fucking hero. How many times have you been cut off by a shit brick on a rice burner and just wish something bad would happen to him. Well today, something did happen. A did that was fast on his feet, and gave a little payback! Even though all he did was knock off her girlfriend, but still I think he grabbed a boob on the way down.

  • arcknagar August 18, 2011

    Good Job!

  • dazzza August 18, 2011

    must of spilled his vodka.

  • etdaddy August 18, 2011

    nobody rides in my lane NOBODY!!!!

  • gabryl August 18, 2011

    that how i feel about people on pedal bikes

  • Jay D. August 18, 2011

    Edit, I don't think that that was his girlfriend that got

    knocked off. I think it was his boyfriend.

  • immanuelkunt August 18, 2011

    Absolutely cool. Some thirty-something puke and his little shitbike jap POS got wasted. Maybe there is a fucking god.

  • grinder August 18, 2011

    best vid all day

  • smudge August 18, 2011

    send my regards to adam!..speedy recovery

  • evilmimai6666 August 18, 2011


  • larbob August 18, 2011

    this video is lame. when does adam get back?

  • thederp August 18, 2011

    i think this is how they play tag in russia. the twat on the scooter is 'IT,' i presume...

  • rockinron August 18, 2011

    he was gonna kmnock the driver off but realised at the last minute the driver was a bad ass , so he knocked the bitch on the back off instead. pussy!!!

  • boredshitless August 18, 2011

    hell yeah! teach that dumbass some manners!

  • strayak47 August 18, 2011

    the only thing that should be ?cut off? is the fucker on the bikes head

  • ohwickedwendi August 18, 2011

    And next, on the "I Just Don't Give a Fuck" show....

  • fiercepierce August 18, 2011

    It was cool that the car driver punched the biker, but I was hoping one of the other cars would have ran them over.

  • d90girl August 18, 2011

    Whom ever thinks it's funny giving everyone a -1....I'm right on your ASS !

  • rockinron August 19, 2011

    d90girl- its probably bigtalk, that fuckin monkey has 4 accounts and hits 3-4 negs on me everyday.

  • jimintn August 19, 2011

    Can we get that guy here in Atlanta PLEASE.

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