Going Out The Window

I understand not wanting to wear your seatbelt, but at least buckle up your shorty. Cause when you both get launched out of your shitty car, he may not be getting up as quick as you, or at all. And don't worry about stabilizing his cervical spine. That's all a bunch of medical nonsense. Just pick him up and run away.

  • trox August 24, 2011

    looks like the car had an abortion

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  • captjim August 24, 2011

    Oh Snap!

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  •   rockinron August 24, 2011

    the people were the wrong flavor the car puked them out!

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  • slippy August 24, 2011

    looked like a little kid in the white.....just fucked up shit right there.

    +5 -1
  • yeayeayea August 24, 2011

    We have liftoff!!!!

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  • sleeko August 24, 2011

    Another seat belt ad, brought to you by the law firm of Young, Horny, & Scott Free.

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  • sactownryder August 24, 2011

    Thats gonna leave a mark

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  • gabryl August 24, 2011

    fucken asshole , don't people know what baby car seats or for. hell in most country you can get them free from the hospital.

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  • stevenh915 August 24, 2011

    PUBLIC NOTICE: Everybody was harmed in the making of this film. Please try this at home.

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  • dazzza August 24, 2011


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  • tgarner August 24, 2011

    You know, it's always idiots like that that survive shit like that. So they can go and fuck up somebody's elses day again in the future.

    +2 -1
  • strayak47 August 24, 2011

    ah yes darwinism hard at work here

    +1 -1
  • dert666 August 24, 2011

    That does look like a 3rd person, a 3rd small person, and i dont think its clothes getting left behind I think its part of the person.

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  • thederp August 24, 2011

    there's no seat belt that's designed to secure people who drive that bad. i'm happy for the kid, though. he cheated death- FUCK YEAH!!!

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  • downunder69 August 24, 2011

    First aid rule there is run over to the driver and finish him off with a kick to the skull and then help his kid

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  • invisus August 24, 2011

    Russian population control...

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  • m1009 August 24, 2011

    tuck and roll, tuck and roll

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  • norrisofchuck1 August 24, 2011

    that van just bitched that car XD

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  • ohwickedwendi August 24, 2011

    "Here I come, to save the day"!

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  • d90girl August 24, 2011

    Jesus Christ that was close.....poor kid, but thankfully a fast thinking dad !

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  • grinder August 25, 2011

    ^If the dad was that fast thinking,he would have thought about buckling his kid in a car seat.And was that a 3rd person that got launched clear off the screen?

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  • littletalk August 25, 2011

    the driver with the camera "AH SWEET MY 1ST CRAZYSHIT VIDEO I CANT WAIT TO SEND IT IN"

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  • wickedmule August 25, 2011

    Holy shit!!! I have a best friend that was a sheriff deputy, he once told me this is why they enforced the seatbelt law, because of people getting ejected from vehicles in accidents and actually becoming human projectiles and hitting other people and killing them. O.O :/ This asshole should have had his kids buckled, I bet the one that went off screen didn't make it :( And the accident was clearly his fault.

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  • onemoretime August 25, 2011

    The worst thing he could of done...

    pick him up. Noticed how the child's arms and feet automatically cramp up? -Possible Brain Damage.

    P.S. Whenever someone has an accident similar to this one, don't pick them up. Or move them. Leave them where they are and try to keep them straight to avoid any more nerve damage. and obviously.. seek professional help immediately.

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  • smak August 25, 2011

    dickheads put your kids in car seats! ok other than that fucking awesome vid.

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  • etdaddy August 25, 2011

    stunt men in training

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  •   nh3kid August 25, 2011

    Holy Fuck! That was WACK!

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  • lilshitter January 17, 2012

    seeeeeat belt! they suck but it saved my life anyway

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