Passing Was A Bad Idea

If you want to be a jerk off and pass cars from the oncoming lane of traffic, then this is exactly what should happen to you. Also, that's what you get for riding a scooter and thinking your bad ass. I love dashcams.

  • zahnfee August 25, 2011

    I love thouse fucking scooter crashes.

  • lenny9651 August 25, 2011

    god hates scooter riders

  • chargers August 25, 2011

    He should of ben going faster!

  • etdaddy August 25, 2011

    why aren't there any asian in demolition derbys,i think they'd be great

  • boredshitless August 25, 2011

    good! thats 2 less we have to worry about now!

  • grinder August 25, 2011

    they do have demo derby's,everyday on the public streets

  • spaulding August 25, 2011

    haha you died on a pussy putter.

  • dazzza August 25, 2011

    The road is like a game of chess... Don't be the sacrifice.

  • killtacular August 25, 2011

    you cross the double-yellow line, you're cruisin' for a bruisin'.

  • thederp August 25, 2011

    i know this is redundant by now but these goddamn asians just can't drive. they need to do themselves a favor and go back to the fucking rickshaws. jesus christ... *smh*

  • xxranger August 25, 2011

    i love it a smart trying to get ahead gets his

  • iyaoyas75 August 25, 2011

    I have yet to understand why the idiots do shit like that on Mopeds...maybe in a tank...but not a piece of floating plastic....

  • rockinron August 25, 2011

    i love the sound that dinks make when they die from a high speed impact!! thud!

  • nh3kid August 25, 2011

    A body in motion stays in motion until acted upon an equal or greater body

  • fiercepierce August 26, 2011

    Ha ha ha ha ha stupid motherfucker deserved that shit, too bad it was not the side of a bulldozer.

  • littletalk August 26, 2011

    Mr. Mee-ah-gee should stick to teaching karate

  • ohwickedwendi August 26, 2011

    Asian = accidents on scooters and motorcycles.

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