The Drug That Rots Your Flesh Off

Apparently this is from using some Russian drug, krokodil, which rots your flesh off. Sounds like a real great high. I'm sure it's worth rolling around, showing off your bones to everyone. Fucking junkies. They should just stick to vodka.

  • spaulding August 31, 2011

    Russians don't fuck around with anything they do. From vodka, to falling off five story buildings, to their drugs. Motherfuckers are like the storm troopers of Europe.

  • icacorpse August 31, 2011

    Holy shit. Speed balling just wasnt enough huh. Fucking morons.

  • rockinron August 31, 2011

    chuck norris use's this drug as a vitamin.

  • atmydismay August 31, 2011

    Make no bones about it.. This guy deserves a standing ovation

  • chargers August 31, 2011


  • lenny9651 August 31, 2011

    mental note: don't buy crack from russian drug dealers

  • smudge August 31, 2011

    when the foots gone, hes gonna have a killer slingshot

  • tgarner August 31, 2011

    Well that's a real bone-a-fied way to do it!

  • yeayeayea August 31, 2011

    Whaaaaaaatt the FUCK?

  • pasher71 August 31, 2011

    WOW MAN! that was some killer shit! I totally imagined that I was a skelet------OH fuck!!!

  • drtyrell August 31, 2011

    Created in Wisconsin University back in the 90s by a friend of mine.

  • stevenh915 August 31, 2011

    stick to vodka dood, its the best way to get legless

  • sicasso August 31, 2011

    Stripped faster than a fat guy stripping a chicken bone.

  • praedictum August 31, 2011

    Your all fucking stupid and on drugs if you think this is caused by drugs....

    necrosis at a very advanced stage that was not taken care of.

  • fiercepierce August 31, 2011

    FUCK! I wanted to see his foot come off, how fucking cheap.

  • rockinron August 31, 2011

    this is actually a video that is much longer and they tell what caused it but its in a forigen langauge. must be it was cut down for crazy shit.

  • ohwickedwendi August 31, 2011

    Something tells me ObamaCare may not be much better...

  • damiancorpus August 31, 2011

    tis just a flesh wound gov'nah!

  • wickedmule September 1, 2011

    Fuck, just get the cicular saw out already, it would have cut a hell of a lot faster! Or a damn bone saw, what the hell kind of hospital is that!?

  • outamyskull September 1, 2011

    Praedictum- and you would be wrong. Googled the drug in question. Nastystuff. il-the-drug-that-eats-junkies-2300787.html

  • strayak47 September 1, 2011

    in soviet russia, drugs abuse you

  • rodeye2 September 1, 2011

    I think he's trying to defect...a piece at a time.

  • rimjobber September 1, 2011

    Video here: gawker/5814260/flesh+eating-drugs-hit-us-russia

  • nh3kid September 1, 2011

    That shit NaSty ! Damn!

  • karizmah September 1, 2011

    That's their way to rectify the situation? Um, I think that perhaps they should put the guy UNDER and amputate above the knee... WTF?

  • flyboy3313 April 11, 2012

    Zip, Plop, right into the garbage pail- WTF??

    wuz it a long drive to the hospital or didn't you think it wuz an emergency??

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