Bitch, I Said No Pickles!

Fucking up a ghetto woman's double burger with cheese and giving her the fries that have been sitting under the warmer for an hour is a bad idea. Laquita ain't having that shit, and she knows where you work, so watch the fuck out.

  • downunder69 September 1, 2011

    on contrare you black bitch , she knows u,ll be back this time tommorrow night suk,n cocks outside for quarters just so u can feed your crack junkie kids

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  • chupamiverga September 1, 2011

    damn monkey's. by the way the worker was on the phone with animal control not 911.

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  • honkie365 September 1, 2011

    Evolution...or lack of a WONDERFUL thing.

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  • hatemail September 1, 2011

    I hate. McDonald. To the workers all suck and they always get your order wrong

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  • burp September 1, 2011

    Yo want fries with your ass beating...

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  • stevenh915 September 1, 2011

    would you like crack with your fries you fucked up melon muncher!

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  •   rockinron September 1, 2011

    detroit news today. a north american ape escaped from the detroit zoo and was found in a local mc donalds, when aprehended the ape was quoted to have said "unt uah moda fukas iz not goin back to dat cage, unless bigtalks been removed"

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  • lenny9651 September 1, 2011

    this is why you should never take your monkey out in public without a leash

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  • joseffritz September 1, 2011

    sje got all dressed up for a fuckin hamburger...crazy little monkey

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  • tgarner September 1, 2011

    Large loud mouthed black women annoy the fuk out of me!

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  • evilmimai6666 September 1, 2011

    lol...i know where you work....obviously....stupid nigger...she keeps saying get away from me but shes gettin near them....again...stupid know where you work

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  • smudge September 1, 2011

    i hope all the workers contribute some cheese for her burger next time

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  • thederp September 1, 2011

    and you guys wonder why we all hat you?... hmm.

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  • dazzza September 1, 2011

    Must of been nice chicken wings..

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  • strayak47 September 1, 2011

    lets play a game called count the white people.......................ZERO! THATS ZERO WHITE PEOPLE! well for there sake lets hope the cop is white or we might see a rumble in the jungle

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  • bigtalk September 1, 2011

    no one stands between her and cockinronald mcdonald

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  • ohwickedwendi September 1, 2011

    Bitch giving away free McKnuckle Sammiches.

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  • anrconvert September 1, 2011

    All the wrong people reproducing

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  • carinya September 1, 2011

    It seems every time there is a dispute with this type, the last thing on the agenda is solving the problem. First, make a lot of noise, be violent, swear a lot, wreck something, try to win the crowd over. Standard response.

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  • atmydismay September 2, 2011

    Wait.. Shouldnt she be at KFC causing a ruckus over there?!

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  • fiercepierce September 2, 2011

    Yep, real evolve and civilized people. Bitch is pissed off because she didn't get a Big Mac when she ordered a hamburger off the dollar menu.

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  • zahnfee September 2, 2011

    Fucking Black People

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  • rodeye2 September 2, 2011

    Dumb bitch trying to order extra crispy at McDonalds.

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  • boofano September 2, 2011

    Niggers forget about what happened 150 years ago, get over it for fuck sake ....and stop using the colour of your skin as a weapon against society , if you don't like being black that is your problem...white people don't care that they are white and get all upset if some one call's them white,grow up haven't you heard of sticks and stones.....

    +3 -1
  • hollow25 September 2, 2011

    Only a nigger!! What the fuck man why doesnt this happen to me?

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  • neospace September 2, 2011


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  • ghosthunter September 3, 2011

    Wow live entertainment at Mc D's..

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  • etdaddy September 5, 2011


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  • endorphin September 10, 2011

    Every fucking time I get something from Mc Donalds they ALWAYS fuck something up

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  • ferrobbra October 16, 2011

    minimum wage aint enough to get in between this she-coon and her chicken, i'da tossed her some nuggets and then tossed her out the door. Its still not as bad as listening to indians order bigmacs at the drive through.

    "yes ill get a big mac, 2 bigmacs a bigmac and a nudder bigmac."

    3 months in that shithole was enough for me. but for the life of me i havnt seen a white person working in one for quite some time now. just asians and ragheads.

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  • china_mike November 28, 2016

    I am quite sure the employee you see, the young woman will go far. The black biatch? Pretty much going to spend her life in jail.

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  • davey6 January 23, 2017


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  • davey6 January 23, 2017

    Blacks,,ya better step away from burger jester,, That's my grease hole mutha fuckas

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  • davey6 January 23, 2017

    Keep your crackdonalds Hoe Imma gonna go to big t bbq and snatch up yo real shit bitchotch!!

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