Breaking the Fart Barrier

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As my girlfriend knows, once you allow for one little fart in the relationship, many bigger farts will come. I remember the time/day when I farted infront of her, and she was cool with it. If she knew then what she knows now, she would have put up a fight and tried to make it seem not so acceptable. Now it's just busting ass whenever and where I can, and then laugh about it. I love farting.

  • bugshit September 3, 2011

    sure it's the more comfortable women get the nastier they get!!! & not the good nasty!!!

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  • tgarner September 3, 2011

    That's my kinda girl right there, except when it's that time of month. Then the shit singes your nose hairs!

    +0 -2
  • lenny9651 September 3, 2011

    see i knew women farted, they always blame the dog,but i knew they did otherwise i would have seen one explode by now

    +3 -3
  • atmydismay September 3, 2011

    Id let her shit on my chest after a stomach virus!

    +2 -1
  • freakbitch86 September 3, 2011

    I started rippin ass in front of my boyfriend after a month..he still won't fart in front of me after 9 months ....

    +0 -0
  • stevenh915 September 3, 2011

    my girl friend managed to clear a way to crowded bar by dropping her ass one time, it was some nasty fucked up repugnant shit , one guy looked at me like it was my doing and my girl could not stop laughing.

    +3 -1
  • grinder September 3, 2011

    I farted in walmart the other day,then left the area farther down the isle and let some old lady take the heat for it as people walked past either giggling or gaging.It was ALL i could do to keep a straight face.

    +5 -1
  •   rockinron September 3, 2011

    what the fuck ? i better get rotaltys on this video. thats me and my wife to a T

    +0 -7
  • honkie365 September 3, 2011

    You can't tell when a black person farts because they always smell that way.

    +10 -2
  • grinder September 3, 2011

    numberonefan's farts don't make any sound

    +8 -0
  • gurtman23 September 3, 2011

    ^ they echo because his ass is like a fucking cave

    +8 -0
  • ohwickedwendi September 3, 2011

    Wait a minute there, grinder--how the hell would YOU know that??

    +6 -0
  • gasguy September 3, 2011

    why'd she still have her clothes on in bed?

    +0 -1
  • boredshitless September 3, 2011

    i love a girl that aint ashamed to fart in public! especially wal mart! it helps with the nigger smell.

    +6 -1
  • dopesmoker September 3, 2011

    I don't care if she shits all over my face, I'd let her do just about anything.

    +1 -1
  •   dozer67 September 3, 2011

    Now you just need to watch her shit..

    +0 -1
  • grinder September 3, 2011

    Only from the shit he says Wendi,ONLY from the shit he says,lol.

    +1 -1
  • thederp September 3, 2011

    that's an automatic break up/or divorce in my book. you hold it in even if it kills you, bitch. a lady should always- at whatever cost -be a lady.

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  • nofear081180 September 3, 2011


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  • downunder69 September 3, 2011

    for the first time in 18 years my wife farted the other day , and it was LOUD, it was fuk,n hilarious, the barrier is broken .. well ,, a little anyway , she watched this vid laughing her ass off, but if she ever "cup o cheeses", me i will bury her in the back yard.. lmao

    +2 -0
  • smurfcock September 4, 2011

    CUP-O-CHEESE.....Fucking hilarious!!!

    +1 -0
  • daslicksta22 September 4, 2011

    Its like having your own little sister!!!!

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  • rodeye2 September 4, 2011

    My wife looks like her to a T and when she thought it was safe to break the barrier I made her ride in the back of my truck with the dog.

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  • fiercepierce September 4, 2011

    Whats a little fart between a man and a woman? Ha ha ha ha ha

    +1 -2
  • mrbigglesworth September 4, 2011

    I vowed long ago I'd never hit my wife -- she had to vow I'd never hear her fart!

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  • mrbigglesworth September 5, 2011

    Actually, the deal is they don't fart, and we don't skip.

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