That's A Tough Little Girl

That sucks to see kids getting blown up in war, but at least she's handling it like a little bad ass. Sure, it could just be the shock, but she's still hardcore in my book. I don't see her being anyone's sammich maker.

  • downunder69 September 8, 2011

    holy shit.. poor thing, to bad she has alan akbas for parents

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  • tgarner September 8, 2011

    What do you mean no sammich maker? Her arms didn't look fucked up.

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  • joseffritz September 8, 2011

    little girl didnt deserve this

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  • killtacular September 8, 2011

    Men will be making her sammiches form now on, or she'll stick her stump up their asses a-la Red Foreman.

    "I didn't get mah Leg blown off in Afghanistan to make your sorry ass a sammich, fucker!"

    +6 -1
  • shitheadbcfc September 8, 2011

    Thats fucked up!! No kid deserves shit like that to happen to them! I hope she lives.

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  • yeayeayea September 8, 2011

    Take care of your kids you fuckin towelheads.

    +6 -1
  • veronika September 8, 2011

    Im hungry for hot wings.

    +1 -7
  • lenny9651 September 8, 2011

    i laugh and make fun of stupid shit on here all the time but that's just wrong. you should have thought about that one a little more before you decided it was a good idea to post that adam,

    +5 -3
  • etdaddy September 8, 2011

    old enough to bleed, old enough to breed

    +2 -9
  • grinder September 8, 2011

    the problem is,most of these ragheads we make fun of are not the taliban,al-qaeda,terrorist muslims,ect.They are mostly the innocent victim civilians that probably hate thier own countries as much as we do.Poor little girl,i hate to see that.But i sure love seeing vids of a suicide bomber that fucked himself up.

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  • dazzza September 8, 2011

    Islam is a peaceful race my ass...

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  • bman32425 September 8, 2011

    Fucking war. And the chicken shit taliban uses these kids for protection. The only thing they deserve when they die is a trip to #1fans house.

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  • ohwickedwendi September 8, 2011

    Wow--good luck, kid--make mom and dad wait on you hand and foot.

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  • rockinron September 8, 2011

    my kinda woman when she grows up. can't run away.

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  • stevenh915 September 8, 2011

    the side of war most people will never see in there life. the media sensors way to much, put this on the local news channels and see what reaction you get.

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  • thederp September 8, 2011

    get well soon, little one.

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  • fiichubarbiie September 8, 2011

    this just breaks my heart but ur right adam she a lil bad ass when she gets older lil girl might be on our side cuz them fuckers hurt anyone without thinking definitely no sammich maker!! right on!!!

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  • bman32425 September 8, 2011

    It don't matter if your on the right side or the wrong side.......when your a kid, it ain't your fight. When your a kid, you are just a victim of grown up assholes.

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  • fiercepierce September 9, 2011

    I am not going to make a comment.

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  • mylarjorgen September 10, 2011

    Hey, get them ratings up Jay. Prick!

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  • flyboy3313 April 11, 2012

    Men are all assholes so let them have at each other, but spare children this FUCKING SHIT!!

    God Bless'm

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