Pick Them Up By Throwing Them Down

Talking to girls, making them laugh, and letting them feel comfortable enough to let you violate their holes is highly overrated. This guy has the right idea. Step to them with some authority and let them know who's in charge. It works every time.

  • numberonefan September 9, 2011

    What a stupid fat ass

  • yeayeayea September 9, 2011

    ^^ and you sir, ARE A STUPID HOMO

  • tgarner September 9, 2011

    I've had chicks turn me down for sex before but I didn't retaliate like that, damn!

  • downunder69 September 9, 2011

    hard to make comments when u scroll down to see a nazi with an aids infested dick,... this has to be a joke by jay and adam surely

  • lenny9651 September 9, 2011

    who let the gorilla out of his cage

  • stevenh915 September 9, 2011

    i swear to drunk, im not god. .

  • dazzza September 9, 2011

    ten pin whoring

  • bigjoke September 9, 2011

    Thats a good way NOT to get laid, good luck fucking your fist jackass!!

  • willylickaball September 9, 2011

    She said Marsha not mosha, you dumb ass

  • grinder September 9, 2011

    Did you see that gay ass fag run all sissy like?Reminds me of someone else,just can't remember who.?

  • gurtman23 September 9, 2011

    numberonefan you are a shit stained faggot

  • bigtalk September 9, 2011

    more videos of ohnastywendi retarded kid the one from yesterday looks just like his mom

  • pinkdildo September 9, 2011

    numberonefan needs to die.

  • killkenny September 9, 2011

    But it used to work so well in 3rd grade!

  • ohwickedwendi September 9, 2011

    I think Biff took the whole "plowing through women" phrase wrong.

  • czech_it_out September 9, 2011

    Actually that's Alan (Zach Galifianakis) shooting the hangover part 3

  • honkie365 September 9, 2011

    Oh well...it's dark in here again. And something smells like BBQ potato chips and grape soda...

  • thederp September 9, 2011

    it's always a challenge when trying to get a mosh pit started. give'em hell, bro!

  • lenny9651 September 9, 2011

    knocking down women is not the opposite of picking up women

  • lenny9651 September 9, 2011

    everybody read my comment about #1fan on WICS vote on it if you agree

  • boredshitless September 9, 2011

    fag gone wild! quick shoot it before it actually gets some pussy and makes another one

  • fiercepierce September 10, 2011

    That was bigtalk in white face, what a pathetic piece of shit. I truly, truly feel sorry for bigtalk.

  • injun September 10, 2011

    one at every concert... the guy who saved all his money to see his favorite band ...bought his favorite drugs and alchohol...but by the time Phish took the stage dude was bloodied up covered in vomit and hunched over in the dirt...great show huh?

  • etdaddy September 10, 2011

    bitch i said wheres my money!!!!!

  • carinya September 11, 2011

    The old recreational chemical overload at the music festival trick. Second time I've seen it this month.

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