No Wonder His Underwear Has Holes

Fucking Christ! This dude's ass is wreaking all kinds of havoc. He's already blown out his underwear, and he's still ripping his king farts. His neighbors probably hear that shit, and I'm sure his room smells simply amazing.

  • numberonefan September 9, 2011

    I'm sure you guys know where I would use the hole to :-)

  • tastycake September 9, 2011

    hearing farts always makes me laugh

  • downunder69 September 9, 2011


  • boobles September 9, 2011

    Why oh why would yourecord yourself doing that?

  • yournamehere September 9, 2011

    numberonefan showed up later and licked that guy's asshole clean

  • yeayeayea September 9, 2011

    Fucking nasty and retarded.

  • crum8l3 September 9, 2011

    @Boobles because we can. no reason no matter how old you are if you are male, your butthole is the funniest comedian around.

  • tgarner September 9, 2011

    That sounded damp. Would of been much better if he would of lit it. LOL

  • lenny9651 September 9, 2011

    hot wings can set your underwear on fire if your not careful

  • stevenh915 September 9, 2011

    use one of loud hailer things the cops use ! it will be the first fart to break the sound barrier!

  • dazzza September 9, 2011

    Was this a trial for a job at the cs office ?

  • pizzapie September 9, 2011

    No woman in his future. I'm sure that fag at the top would go for it

  • rockinron September 9, 2011

    my bet is he talks shit off camera as well.

  • willylickaball September 9, 2011

    That must have been a religious experience because those were the holiest underwear I've ever seen. Hell, I've got better dust rags than those dawers

  • stevenh915 September 9, 2011

    ^^ fuckin dam straight, no wonder he lives alone in a pit like that, this guy has manners that would make a monkey blush!

  • killkenny September 9, 2011

    My underwear gets like that from scooting my butt across the floor when it itches.

  • bigtalk September 9, 2011

    thats why they smell like that

  • ohwickedwendi September 9, 2011

    And he's still single?? I'm shocked.

  • grinder September 9, 2011

    tootin his own horn

  • honkie365 September 9, 2011

    The guy was just trying to smell like a black man and blow numberonefan a kiss at the same time.

  • thederp September 9, 2011

    something tells me that this guy is single.

  • lenny9651 September 9, 2011

    everyone please read my comment on WICS about #1fan vote on it if you agree

  • anrconvert September 9, 2011

    The only woman in his life is his mother who will shortly tell him to keep the noise down, she's trying to sleep.

  • boredshitless September 9, 2011

    well at least he aint a fag! their asses dont make a sound!

  • fiercepierce September 10, 2011

    ^^bigtalk^^ When he shits out whatever is making him fart, the stink will go too. You, you will always stink like the piece of shit that you are.

  • m1009 September 10, 2011

    @boredshitless, yeah they do, the sound you hear is all the vaseline being shot out, just ask #1fan he'll tell you

  • etdaddy September 10, 2011

    penitentiary love calls for numberonefan

  • chargers September 11, 2011

    f#1fans boyfriend

  • dontrapemesir November 22, 2013

    im so whacking of to this!!!

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