He's Not Going Anywhere

Fuck this! Getting run over is bad enough, but getting run over and having a car just sit on you for an extended period of time, well that just sucks balls. It must have been her amazing driving skills that allowed her to stop and not crush his head.

  • mobliz September 12, 2011

    damn dude had a fucking smile on his face

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  • d90girl September 12, 2011

    Fucking New Yorkers....drive like they own the road !

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  • etdaddy September 12, 2011

    at least they'll know who he was

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  • crum8l3 September 12, 2011

    I bet her purse was gone, with that many brothas and sista's around someone got robbed.

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  • 2indastink September 12, 2011

    where's my fucking pizza?

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  • tgarner September 12, 2011

    I have nothing, so I guess I won't say anything!

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  • tgarner September 12, 2011

    Woops, I guess I just did!

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  • blank_field September 12, 2011

    Heh, that was the prelude...

    The PD & FD showed up, picked the car up, and then...


    nypost/p/news/local/brooklyn/rescue_horror _jJHDq4XRcU9s2mNnnR6HEP?utm_campaign=OutbrainA&utm _source=OutbrainArticlepages&obref=obinsource

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  • tgarner September 12, 2011

    Mam, this tire looks a little low to me.

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  • drublix September 12, 2011

    Hey lady, if you really wanted him gone from underneath your car you should have left the keys in the ignition

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  • tgarner September 12, 2011

    @ blank field, thanks for the link. Just checked it out and damn that was a bad deal.

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  • cuda1179 September 12, 2011

    THey weren't using a hydraulic jack to lift the car off the guy. They were using a Jaws of Life truned sideways. Someone on Youtube caught it from a different angle. When the car comes down it clearly misses the chalks put in place to prevent the guy being crushed.

    This was something any grease monkey in the country could have figured out. I guess it is what happens when underqualified people of "special interest" Get hired and promoted because of how disadvantaged they are.

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  • nofear081180 September 12, 2011

    Me and 5 other guys could pick up the back of that car while someone else drags him out from under it. Way to help out, fuck-sticks.

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  • stevenh915 September 12, 2011

    she was so hungry she pictured a chicken wing riding that bike a crashed right into it! pity the bike wasnt a honda goldwing!

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  • yeayeayea September 12, 2011

    "Can u check the tire pressure while you're under there?"

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  • m1009 September 12, 2011

    Well at least his head is stll attached

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  • dickhertzalot September 12, 2011

    Two observations:

    1. That is a hell of a helmet.

    2. Stay the fuck out of Minnesota.

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  • lenny9651 September 12, 2011

    why are motorcycles (the vehicles that take the most concentration and skill to drive) always driven by the stupidest people on the road

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  • dickhertzalot September 12, 2011

    2. Make that New York; my bad.

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  • jonasje September 12, 2011

    lol at the people!

    *Just be alive*

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  • pistolwhip September 12, 2011

    probably hiding from the cops

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  • zippernuts24 September 12, 2011

    youre telling me with all those people, they couldnt lift the fucking car?

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  • ohwickedwendi September 12, 2011

    I think old people should have to take an on the road driving test each year to prove they can still drive worth a damn.

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  • downunder69 September 12, 2011

    U think with all those monkeys that turned up at the scene u would pack together lift the back up and over... but for useless fuks like these pricks, they're only out for themselves but at the same time hang out in gangs .. Fuk u bigtalk mofo,s!!

    Useless cunts !

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  • lederhosensepp September 12, 2011

    HEY SPIELBERG! Hold the fucking Cam Still...

    the fucker cant run away... idiot!

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  • rareranking September 12, 2011

    Damn Foreigners they never relize they hit someone untill after the car wont go anymore!

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  •   rockinron September 12, 2011

    if there were all white guys and a black dude under there. someone woulda tried to atleast jack the car up!! but since its all brainless fucking niggers the poor bastard never had a chance!!

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  • acdcfan September 12, 2011

    Bet her insurance just went up

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  •   dozer67 September 12, 2011

    THIS IS WHY I HAVE TO MOVE OUT OF NY!!! all those men and not one fuck thought of lifting the car,I don't care if I'm repeating it's just that I'm embarrassed to be a New Yorker.

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  • grinder September 12, 2011

    Thanks for the hand guys

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  •   dozer67 September 12, 2011

    BTW there are laws to protect good samaritans, in case this guy sues...

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  • smarterthanu September 12, 2011

    @ all you stupid white cunts. Racist Firefighter tests keep blacks of the force so dumb ass white firefighters showed up and were the ones who killed him. Only a dumbass would move a critically wounded man without a emt on site. Graduate from Redneckkk high before saying stupid shit.

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  • smarterthanu September 12, 2011

    Apparently you didn't hear the guy suggest they pick up the car, and the girl telling not to touch him, that help was on the way

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  • bigtalk September 12, 2011

    so what its a pig skin let the filthy animal die slowly i love this vid had to stop lmfao just to type now i have something to laugh about all week FACT

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  • bildobitches September 13, 2011

    Jah Rasta Far I, Jak the car up.

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  • d82ndabn September 13, 2011

    You're an asshole, Bigtalk!

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  • rodeye2 September 13, 2011

    They can't pick up the car and move it off of him,they'll be denied food stamps.

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  • arkangle666 September 13, 2011

    why couldn't this happen to number one fan

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  • -morph- September 13, 2011

    hey D82ndabn... i like how you say bigtalk is the asshole yet theres like 20 racist comments here and not one word from you... a white comment then you chime the fuck in..

    Hypocrite. this place get dumber and dumber. i like a good racist joke as much as the next guy but when internet tough guys say racist shit not to be funny but just cause they know they cant in real life.. its just irritating.

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  •   dozer67 September 13, 2011

    @smarterthanu Your an ass, BS those fucks that listen to that dumb bitch just didn't wanna get sued, my neighbor got traped under his car and no one waited for help we picked the car off of him, if we waited he would be dead today but I guess that's the difference between a HERO and a loser.

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  • downunder69 September 13, 2011

    ^^ i agree , try to be funny if you are going to be racist, i,m still work,n on it though, thanks for the doctor phil insite..lmao

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  • gurtman23 September 13, 2011

    what do you call a guy with a car on his head? ..... Jack

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  • gurtman23 September 13, 2011

    ^ now thats fucking funny right there.

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  •   rockinron September 13, 2011

    ok fuck all you niggers that said shit . read my post above. then go trn the fox news on. no shit the same fuckin thing happened today9/13/2011 and it was all white folks around the car. guess what. they lifted the car off the guy and pulled him out. and he fuckin lived. lazy fuckin nigger let this poor bastard die in this video!!! go watch the news if you think im full of shit you bunch of fuckin shit skins!!

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  • sandgroper September 13, 2011

    Black or white dont matter you have a fucking emergency and every man and fucking woman should rally the fuck up and pick that car up and off him

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  •   rockinron September 14, 2011

    except niggers they only care about themselves

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  • mylarjorgen September 17, 2011

    Hey lady, your front left tread is a bit worn judging by the pattern on my chest.

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  • dieselak February 25, 2012

    God damm spear chuckin koon niggers cant seem to find a jack in the getto.... WHITE POWER

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  • iwantmythc March 30, 2012

    Back up and try it again.

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