Can't Wait To Get That Gas

Talk about having a shitty day at work. It doesn't get much worse than this guy's. Somebody must have been real excited to fuel up their car. Hey, quit sleeping on the job and fill her up with premium.

  • fuckinumd September 13, 2011

    some one should tell the gas attendant that's not the way to change the oil

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  • motatwo September 13, 2011

    could you please check the oil?

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  • lenny9651 September 13, 2011

    just when you thought that working night shift at a gas station was the bottom of the barrel someone comes along and proves you wrong

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  • pep September 13, 2011

    first to say first!

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  • tgarner September 13, 2011

    One minute he thought he was going to steel a car and the next, BAM!

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  • yeayeayea September 13, 2011

    "The tire pressure is a little low sir."

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  • grinder September 13, 2011

    That bought him a few days off

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  • shiftybob September 13, 2011

    Haha, The guy that was pumping gas bailed faster than NumberOneFan heading to a gay pride parade! He left his wife and kid behind... Pussy!

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  •   rockinron September 13, 2011

    fuckj that nigga if he's under the car, they let the white guy die yesturday!!

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  •   rockinron September 13, 2011

    this is ironic and a must read. go turn the fox news channel on. no shit the same fuckin thing happened today9/13/2011 as yesturday when the white biker died under the car and it was all niggers around the car. guess it was all white folks and they lifted the car off the guy and pulled him out. and he fuckin lived. lazy fuckin nigger in yesturdays post of the bike crash let this poor bastard die in that video!!! go watch the news if you think im full of shit. bunch of fuckin shit skin niggers!!

    +6 -6
  • crackerkiller September 13, 2011

    ^it should have been you under that car fucking CRACKER^

    +1 -9
  • ohwickedwendi September 13, 2011

    Allah dammit....I forgot to strap on the bomb--maybe no one will notice.

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  • bigtalk September 13, 2011

    fuck him gas it

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  • downunder69 September 13, 2011

    Its dark so The driver thought he was aiming for a black man .. We all make mistakes

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  • yeayeayea September 13, 2011

    One less bigtalk in the world.

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  • sicasso September 13, 2011

    Unlucky is not the word i'm lookin for, probly went to a bp.

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  • thederp September 13, 2011

    damn, that poor dude not only got smashed head on but the got his head rolled over "phil leotardo" style by the other vehicle. tough luck, bruh.

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  • evilmimai6666 September 14, 2011

    the guy under the car should pick it up off him...COME ON YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

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  • acdcfan September 14, 2011

    Maybe it was too much tire wax at the carwash

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  • mobliz September 14, 2011

    the dude in yellow, well his underware matches his shirt now

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  • graffix September 15, 2011

    His Boss did warn him about being Lazy, I guess Achmed had enough. Where's the Audio?

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  • mylarjorgen September 17, 2011

    Wow, pulled in to get my brakes checked and by the time I got out of the car, the guy was already on the job. Great garage that one, recommend it.

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  • ferrobbra October 16, 2011

    fucking asians

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