Whatchya Doing Over There?

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Adam H.
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If you stand there and watch your murderer fuck around and unjam his gun he's about to shoot you with, you probably deserve what you get. This guy probably wasn't too bright, so his absence in society shouldn't be a problem.

  • tgarner September 16, 2011

    Unfortunately, people that stupid can't be thined out fast enough!

  • tgarner September 16, 2011

    It was like, "here, let me hold still for you so you can blow my fucking brains out!"

  • m1009 September 16, 2011

    excuse me buddy do u know how to unjam a pistol, ohh never mind i got it

  • shadowchaser September 16, 2011

    Wow, the time that he took to unjam that pistol, if I was the intended target I would have been able to draw my Bowie knife from my belt and get 5 to 10 full thrust stabs into the motherfucker's chest. Instead of unjamming the pistol, killer-to-be would spend the next and last few minutes of his life trying to unjam the blood and froth in his throat.

  • grinder September 16, 2011

    I would have beaten the fucker to death with his own pistol

  • zahnfee September 16, 2011

    To silly for a second live. ...so he deserves it.

  • lenny9651 September 16, 2011


  • boredshitless September 16, 2011

    grinder said it for me

  • acdcfan September 16, 2011

    Got sprayed with skunk juice...

  • evilmimai6666 September 16, 2011


  • ohwickedwendi September 16, 2011

    Damn--that boy's brain was on delay mode.

  • rockinron September 16, 2011

    drugs are bad um kay.

  • stevenh915 September 16, 2011

    5 minutes later there will be some other dim wit selling drugs there.

  • sicasso September 16, 2011

    I don't understand wtf your thinking watching somebody point a gun at you then stop and cock it and shoot with no reaction on your part ?? fk if i'd stand still watching you get ready to shoot me without some type of reaction wow.

  • thederp September 16, 2011

    i'm surprised he didn't help him cock back the hammer. what a TARD!

  • iyaoyas75 September 16, 2011

    To make matters worse, neither him nor his dumbass friend had enough sense to fucking take action...

    Both should have died!!!!

  • littletalk September 17, 2011

    maybe he was blind? i dont know.. i got nothing

  • mobliz September 17, 2011

    what? you gonna SHOOT ME??! you dont have the balls..*BANG*

  • downunder69 September 17, 2011

    thats fucked up

  • bite-me71 September 17, 2011

    You are going to stand there and watch the motherfucker unjam his gun so he can shoot you you deserve to die. Fuck a least fight you dumbfuck.

  • picklehiesner September 17, 2011


  • assgrabber September 17, 2011

    What do you mean it's not my turn? Tag your it!

  • godbluff September 17, 2011

    Looks like he shot him where his brain is supposed to be. I am sure he'll make a full recovery.

  • wackinisgood September 17, 2011

    dont worry, this is the guy i hired to kill me.

  • pussymassacre September 17, 2011

    someone otta hurry up with the pickup truck

  • messiahcomplex September 18, 2011

    hey you! your dead.. opps wait a minute. k, now your dead.

  • wilfru September 29, 2011

    seen a lot of crazy shit on this great site but this shit takes the cake,,,hummm,,

  • flyboy3313 April 11, 2012

    Nooooo, he didn't just stand there and wait for it ?

    Lets hope he hasn't got kids!

  • port565 April 24, 2012

    "Die, motherfucker!!! ...Uh, just a second. I'll try the other bullet. Just stay right there..." BLAM!!!

    Darwinism at its best.

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