That's A Powerful Bitch Slap

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Adam H.
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I bet it feels really good to knock somebody out cold with a bitch slap. Especially if it's some drunk idiot with no concept of personal space. Granted, it took him two tries, but he still got the job done. Time to go celebrate with a cold beer.

  • frankdrebin October 28, 2011

    that kid from twilight is a fuckin faggot

  • tgarner October 28, 2011

    Your feeling very sleepy, when you awake you will ba a douche bag!

  • trouble_maker October 28, 2011

    Guess he told him he wanted to start see other people.Cause only Fags slap

  • moldedguppy October 28, 2011

    You just got bitch slapped the fuck out!!!!

  • lenny9651 October 28, 2011

    well now we know which one is the bitch, sweet rickshaw too

  • gurtman23 October 28, 2011

    Faggot Americans slapping like bitchs

  • jimintn October 28, 2011

    And I thought my ex-wife was the biggest pussy i have ever seen.

  • gofkurself October 28, 2011

    they call him glass jaw johnny.

  • larbob October 28, 2011

    the dude is faking. he just wants to look up the girls skirts.

  • dickhertzalot October 28, 2011

    Nothing better than hearing him go THUMP!

  • doinktheclown October 28, 2011

    Larbob... Bro that's what I was thinking!

  • 7shadesofquit October 28, 2011

    An old schoolfriend got knocked out by a slap to the ear, it fucked up his balance and he's never been able to walk properly since. Looks like he's downed a fifth of Wild Turkey all the time, it's fuckin hilarious.

  • thederp October 28, 2011

    he was obviously a $5 whore in his past life to take a pimp slap like that.

  • immanuelkunt October 28, 2011

    I think the USA should kick the fuck out of England again. It's a faggot country.

  • pooperpop October 28, 2011

    just a couple a homos making a scene

  • messiahcomplex October 28, 2011

    haha another fucken retard from ontario gets bitch slapped

  • iluvkitty October 28, 2011

    Well, the guy that was bitch slapped got to see alot of upskirts. But the guy who did the bitch slapping went home with a few of those hoes and fucked them.

  • boredshitless October 28, 2011

    yeah! talk some more shit now.

  • ohwickedwendi October 28, 2011

    All right--which one of you called for the rickshaw?

  • downunder69 October 28, 2011

    make up sex will be Like two grizzlys fighting over a salmon

  • fiercepierce October 28, 2011

    All them women feeling sorry for the poor knocked out drunk fucker, you know they called the police and Mr. slappy spent the night at the county jail.

  • rockinron October 29, 2011

    i bet he bruised his vagina hiting the ground at that angle.

  • embedded October 29, 2011

    wow I'm shocked he didn't hit him with his dildo

  • bigtalk October 29, 2011

    GIRL FIGHT!!!!

  • mrbigglesworth October 29, 2011

    How come he's not getting kicked in the head? I wonder what the missing component is...

  • zward October 29, 2011

    Seen that on south park last week its called a brodown in this case With a bitch slap

  • ludenlasivius October 29, 2011

    Le's see... dude smacks the shit out of ya, then you jump up get back in his face and do... nothing...? You just stand there and wait to get smacked again? Real good strategy there, cunt, real good. :/

  • mccracken October 29, 2011

    drunk before or decide!

  • ohwickedwendi October 29, 2011

    Well, luden...I've found that the male species (especially humans), while highly intoxicated, do not exhibit the best reasoning skills. That guy probably couldn't feel it anyway.

  • daddy_fat_sack October 29, 2011

    So thats how u pick up chicks:)

  • carinya October 30, 2011

    Must make you feel like a real big man to whack someone up the side of the head like that when you know he won't fight back.

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