What's In The Jar?

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Adam H.
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I bet there was a time in history when guys who were lonely and horny just jerked off instead of nailing their dicks to boards, sticking needles in their pissholes, and putting their cocks in a jar of maggots. Those were the good old days.

  • mahavir November 1, 2011

    Jeeeeez so that's how #1fan is getting a hard-on now.

  • jtaylor November 1, 2011

    Thats just nasty as fuck.

  • massiveballs November 1, 2011

    Time to ease off the sexual intercorpse

  • sirfartsalot November 1, 2011

    That is some crazy shit.

  • ludenlasivius November 1, 2011

    Wouldn't that be considered kiddie-porn for flies???

  • buttplug69 November 1, 2011

    What is up with all this gay sadomasochism

  • keymaster November 1, 2011

    Err I think your flies are unborn

  • izzy_phukdup November 1, 2011

    I was waiting for him to blow a load!

  • yeayeayea November 1, 2011

    Whatever happened to plain old fuckin?

  • rockinron November 1, 2011

    damn even the maggots are trying to get away from your dick dude, go back to jerking off.

  • frankdrebin November 1, 2011

    these maggots are faggots

  • swazzi November 1, 2011

    I'd rather pay for a hooker..

  • dozer67 November 1, 2011

    Fucking to damn weird to be gay...

  • soafan November 1, 2011

    I was waiting for one to crawl in his piss hole. Too bad he didnt use something that could bite or sting him, that would have been fucking hilarious.

  • thederp November 1, 2011

    hasn't had pussy in so long that the maggots think he's already dead from the waist down... kill yourself.

  • tgarner November 1, 2011

    In Russia the chicks are so nasty this is how you have to get them germs off your dick!

  • boredshitless November 1, 2011

    so why is it wrong if we shoot this fucker?

  • biggertalk November 1, 2011

    is that how yall get off?

  • fiercepierce November 1, 2011

    ^^boredshitless^^ Because liberal assholes said it is not nice to shoot niggers and idiots. They also said, "We can lie to them by telling them we'll work for them, and they can vote us into and keep us in office.

  • biggertalk November 1, 2011

    ^ typical conservative

    all yall wanna do is shoot minorities and take oil from other countries.

  • ohwickedwendi November 1, 2011

    They just had to one-up the dick in a box, didn't they?

  • nh3kid November 1, 2011

    This is whats wrong with the world today. Jerking off just aint good enough anymore

  • fiercepierce November 2, 2011

    ^^biggertalk^^ WOW really, more welfare money and educational benefits for minorities and the poor have been dispersed under Republican administrations than under the Democrats. Obama calls welfare, educational, and Social Security benefits, "Entitlements" and wants to cut them. BUT WAIT, IT GETS BETTER. Obama and the Democrats gave out close to $900 Billion dollars of taxpayers money to Wall Street and Banks. Reality check. Obama gave rich people poorer peoples money to make rich people richer. You can keep you liberalism

  • swazzi November 2, 2011

    ^^Fucking A!

  • bluesboy November 2, 2011

    Wow he opened up a whole new can of worms

  • mrfluffdaddy November 2, 2011

    ive seen fish pedicure sites in malls but i dont think this will catch on

  • lordsho November 2, 2011

    There is no level of disgusting that white men haven't attempted when it comes to their dicks.

  • bobandy November 2, 2011

    Why do people do this! -.-

  • u_mad_bro November 3, 2011

    now all those maggots will grow up with the clap

  • bunkyjuckah November 2, 2013

    That was a "CHEESY DICK". NO wonder the maggots are eating it.

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