Batman Is Catching Predators

I guess Gotham is a peaceful city once again and now Batman has set his sights on other predators. The kind who want to bang 15 year old girls. Really man, you're going to meet her at a playground? That doesn't creep you out at all? You've just been had by the Dark Knight, sucka.

  • downunder69 November 11, 2011

    next season be sure to watch for "bat-off man" ... cumming to a gay bar near you

  • mobliz November 11, 2011

    now lets see that again, but meet somewhere in the hood. pretty funny though.

  • spaulding November 11, 2011

    That looked more like a job for Robin. He would've raped that motherfucker.

  • frankdrebin November 11, 2011

    that's how Robin was recruited

  • tat2d_soldier November 11, 2011

    why so serious?

  • downunder69 November 11, 2011

    ^^^ LMMFAO @ frankdrebin..nice!!

  • tgarner November 11, 2011

    He should of beat that sick fucker with a BAT!

  • fiercepierce November 11, 2011

    Bat man is lucky he didn't get his nerdy costume wearing ass kicked by the low life pedophile.

  • rockinron November 11, 2011

    bet ole batman there has taken a few kids back to the bat cave himself!!

  • pizzapie November 11, 2011

    that guy needs to be gang raped in prison

  • mrmexicano November 11, 2011

    i come here just to read the comment you guys leave

  • lenny9651 November 11, 2011

    lame, now he's just going to go to the next underaged girl, next time call the cops and get him locked up

  • boredshitless November 11, 2011

    duh nuh nuh na na na na na sicko cockblocker!

  • asstro November 11, 2011

    Why is there an age that makes it OK to fuck? It should go by size. It's not like hitting 18 makes them suddenly smarter than they were at 16 or 17 ...

  • darkdeadevil November 11, 2011

    He just ran that dude off back to his place for some man on man booty action. Way he sounds like is a one load to many in his mouth. But hey gay or not he able to get fucker to a hike.

  • biggertalk November 11, 2011

    i guess he really is the dark knight

  • ohwickedwendi November 11, 2011

    Once again, we have a situation in which I would tie that man up like we were on a date. Then, I would call the cops, and show them the convo of this guy meeting that girl.

  • bite-me71 November 12, 2011

    Hi I'm batman and this is my batshotgun.

  • bigtalk November 12, 2011

    only white ppl FACT

  • daddy_fat_sack November 12, 2011

    U did it again batman!!!

  • ludenlasivius November 12, 2011

    He should have dressed up as the Predator.

  • godbluff November 12, 2011

    That chick was hot... She's an old maid in some countries. Americans are to fucking uptight. At least it wasn't a boy..

  • backisme09 November 12, 2011

    rofl,omg hahahahha that was amazing dude

  • killtacular November 22, 2011

    Yeah, Bigtalk, that's right. Only WHITE PEOPLE would go out of their way to expose a child molesting piece of shit so that your niglets can sell gateway drugs to the white youth. You really know how to inadvertently belittle your nig-nog brethren, don'tcha?

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