Make Sure To Move Your Balls

Now you're going to have this song in your head for the rest of the day. "I like to move it, move it." You'll also be playing with your balls the rest of the day, but that's nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, it's kind of nice to see a commercial encouraging you to play with you nuts in public. Anytime is a good time to move your balls.

  • numberonefan November 29, 2011

    The guys are hot I would like to touch her balls.

  • slippy November 29, 2011

    more cowbell

  • immanuelkunt November 29, 2011

    White guys trying to ack like coons.

  • frankdrebin November 29, 2011

    move your balls... to adam's chin

  • hung1058 November 29, 2011

    that somehow looked very gay.

  • mccracken November 29, 2011

    Numberonefan's brothers...

  • lenny9651 November 29, 2011

    sometimes you just got to rack em up

  • biggertalk November 29, 2011

    little bitches lol

  • buttplug69 November 29, 2011

    fuckin USA eurotrash wannabes

  • bigtalk November 29, 2011

    you know what really beats testicular cancer getting some pussy

  • vulture November 29, 2011

    yep.. pocket billiards you can play it anywere

  • rockinron November 29, 2011

    women get all stupid about us r4earangeing the boys because they dont have anything to rearange except there tits, and they wont do that in public because it turns us guys on. fucking women sheesh!

  • messiahcomplex November 29, 2011

    HUH in your face woman! balls and peeing standing up. Its good to be a man.

  • crackerkiller November 29, 2011

    when did CRACKERS get rhythm

  • thederp November 29, 2011

    when did NAGGERS get computers?

  • thederp November 29, 2011

    ...and it's all fun and games until you find the lump.

  • ohwickedwendi November 29, 2011

    Was that Justin Beiber on the left?

  • downunder69 November 29, 2011

    My motherfuk,n ball shorts

  • fiercepierce November 30, 2011

    If two guys break out in song and dance about touching my balls, I'm breaking out my .40 cal and placing two to both of their center mass. My lawyer will get the charges dismissed because I feared for my life and great bodily harm. They're gay and have HIV/AIDS, why else would they sing and dance about touching my balls?

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