Damn Door Won't Open

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Adam H.
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He's certainly having a shitty day. It's got to suck being trapped in a car with a couple of your dead buddies. That door ain't opening, but lucky for him, the windows are open, so some dickbags can stick their phones in to record him. I bet they made sure to get some good footage before anyone thought of calling for help.

  • crazyasshole December 13, 2011

    try using that arm bone as a crow bar!

  • grinder December 13, 2011

    gonna take more than one box of band-aids to fix those booboo's

  • tat2d_soldier December 13, 2011

    someone turn off that alarm clock

  • rockinron December 13, 2011

    some one pop that poor bastard in the head. gonna take years of therapy to get over that mess.

  • vulture December 13, 2011

    Priorities...first take pictures then call emergency services

  • frankdrebin December 13, 2011

    there's your problem

  • crkrbob December 13, 2011

    No one can fucking help him?

  • slippy December 13, 2011

    wait a sec here. I'm having some deja vu with this one. (re-post)

  • lenny9651 December 13, 2011

    you can call 911 on a cell phone? i thought they were just for taking shitty videos

  • biggertalk December 13, 2011


  • ghosthunter December 13, 2011

    Jaws of life and a shit load therapy is in store for this dude.

  • crazyvet December 13, 2011

    I swear the light was green.

  • dumbnigger December 13, 2011

    good time to use GAP insurance.

  • fiercepierce December 14, 2011

    His buddies got caught dead wearing those clothes, but he refused to be caught dead wearing them.

  • mrfluffdaddy December 14, 2011

    well that car obviously doen't have a 5star ncap safety rating

  • mylarjorgen December 19, 2011

    I think that door could be out of alignment for some reason. Have you had a collision lately?

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