One Hell Of A Food Fight

It's blacks versus Asians in this restaurant brawl in Montreal. That food fight escalated really fast. When you run out of steamed vegetables and bread to throw at people, it's time to grab some dishes and chairs. I hope they at least left a tip.

  • blumplestltskn January 9, 2012

    Gorillas and Orangutans don't live in the same jungle.

  • onetime42 January 9, 2012

    Obviously filmed in a country that doesn't allow guns.

  • x8889888x January 9, 2012

    Must have ran out of chicken.

  • crazyasshole January 9, 2012

    prom in the ghetto

  • frankdrebin January 9, 2012

    rick james is back baby

  • zahnfee January 9, 2012

    Hmmm.. that´s weard but trowing with food and chairs is better then shoot people.

    Anyway; now i know that monkeys throwing food too. Not only poo ;)

  • johnmadden11 January 9, 2012

    That's one way to convince someone to let you pick up the tab...

  • killkenny January 9, 2012

    You'd be surprised at how many wedding receptions turn out like this.

  • rockinron January 9, 2012

    well we know that asian resturants take food stamps now.

  • downunder69 January 9, 2012

    see ! i told you they served fast food here

  • killkenny January 9, 2012

    Wait, I thought it was only Jews that break glass at weddings. Mazeltov!

  • cunalingus January 9, 2012

    ^Rook a rittle croser! I think I saw a jew in there!^

  • shadowchaser January 9, 2012

    Damn and I thought my night was rough. I fell onto the pavement assfirst while trying to get in my van and broke a pint bottle of Jacks sitting in my rear pocket.

  • smudge January 9, 2012

    what happens when black man walks into Asian restaurant and says "hurry up and give me my shit".

  • larbob January 9, 2012

    i think there was a disagreement as to what % the tip should be.

  • biggertalk January 9, 2012

    food fight!

  • clrz1000 January 9, 2012

    This is how the reese's was accidentally made.

    YO man, You got your chow mein in my chitlins!

    OH YEAH! You got got your shitlin's in my chow mein!

  • bigtalk January 9, 2012

    ppl of color leave the acting like stupid jackasses to the professionals white ppl

  • crazyvet January 9, 2012

    Party like a rock star.

  • lenny9651 January 9, 2012

    black wedding reception are always the most fun

  • drunkard January 9, 2012

    "We are here at Fong's Culinary , where we've secretly replaced the kool-aid they usually serve with healthy tomato juice. Let's see if anyone can tell the difference!"

  • ohwickedwendi January 9, 2012

    Isn't this what all the hip people are doing these days? That's the newest way to do the "dine and dash".

  • thederp January 9, 2012

    jeez, people watch a couple of episodes of "chopped" and now all of a sudden everybody is a goddamn food critic. shut up and eat your food.

  • drublix January 9, 2012

    When I was 6 years old i went to the zoo, that day i learned to never let a monkey into my home.

    I guess the owner has never been to the zoo.

  • boofano January 9, 2012


  • fiercepierce January 9, 2012

    What did you expect from "those people"?

  • ghosthunter January 9, 2012

    See what happens when you let jungle monkeys into your resturant..

  • spaulding January 10, 2012

    I see the real problem here. Look closely at the left side of the screen at :59 seconds. That troll Snookie is there. She wanted smoosh smoosh, and they didn't have any. So, like a troll does, she started destroying shit.

  • mrfluffdaddy January 10, 2012

    it started as a food fight until they ran out next chairs, whats after that?

  • carinya January 10, 2012

    Feeding time at the zoo

  • urinanus January 10, 2012

    stupid nips and nigs let them kill each other

  • buttplug69 January 10, 2012

    asian chimpout

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