Ski Jump In His Birthday Suit

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Adam H.
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Naked ski jumps are pretty risky stunts, but not because of gravity. The bigger concern here is that your cock and balls will suck up inside your pelvis and be lost forever. Well, maybe only 20 minutes or so, but that will seem like forever when you can't see your dick.

  • sickfuck January 13, 2012

    Better get your goggles back on, safety first

  • tgarner January 13, 2012

    As hard as he hit on his ass you know he got snow jammed in there. So, can you shit snow or does he have to wait for it to melt?

  • frankdrebin January 13, 2012

    he's going to be shitting snowcones for a week

  • buttdarts January 13, 2012

    Snow fucking way

  • buttplug69 January 13, 2012

    wonder what hurts more his cold balls or the fall?

  • lenny9651 January 13, 2012

    was anybody else hoping his dick got frost bite and had to be removed?

  • sharkbait January 13, 2012

    Never seen a snow enema before.

  • crazyvet January 13, 2012

    I know snow suits and helmets are expensive, but what the hell?

  • fingers January 13, 2012

    that boy has balls. see em

  • drunkard January 13, 2012

    FIAT... Froze It Again Tony.

  • biggertalk January 13, 2012

    what a douche.

  • rockinron January 13, 2012

    he's so cool he shits snow and piss's ice really he does!

  • ghosthunter January 13, 2012

    Hey.. YOU Don't disrespect the Star Wars Theme..

  • ohwickedwendi January 13, 2012

    And he's still single??

  • thederp January 13, 2012

    where's the abominable snowman when you need him?

  • spermling January 13, 2012

    Yeah Adam you sicko keep making crazyshit more #1Fan and bigtalk friendly keep it up and well never get rid of them

  • immanuelkunt January 13, 2012

    I'll bet these shitwads would be good fodder for these bottom-feeding pukes hawking dick-enlargening shit on CS. Funny, the pathetic assholes gave up on spam and have now landed on the margins of CS, along with the "fuck two bitches tonight" maggots.

  • fiercepierce January 13, 2012

    And people wonder why I won't buy chocolate flavor snow cones.

  • anomalous January 13, 2012

    Doing stunts on skis in the nude is not normal, but on meth it is.

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