Cutting Is So Much Fun

Are you ready for emo arts and crafts time? Today's project is a real simple one. All you'll need is a sharp blade, your arm, and the desire to get back at your white, middle class, suburban parents because you feel they have somehow done you wrong. Now pick up your knife and start cutting. You can even write some gay poems about it too if you want.

  • atmydismay January 26, 2012

    He'd be a great commodity down at the fish market.

  • crazyasshole January 26, 2012

    try rubbing lemon juice on it now!

  • smudge January 26, 2012

    fast forward of an emo calendar

  • frankdrebin January 26, 2012

    other side of the forearm asshole

  • lenny9651 January 26, 2012

    do us all a favor and go for the throat

  • honkie January 26, 2012

    yes yes the other side of your arm please...and try a sharper instrument and go the other direction ...hate to see your ligaments getting in the way

  • crazylegs74 January 26, 2012

    Little pussy should try to do that to someone else.

  • southernpride January 26, 2012

    This shit right here is pretty disturbing!

  • uk-13astard January 26, 2012

    id beat the shit out of any1 that i found doing that

  • dazzza January 26, 2012

    You really need a bigger knife.

  • biggertalk January 26, 2012

    now dump some rubbing alcohol on it.

  • crazyvet January 26, 2012

    You could do it in one cut if you used my chainsaw.

  • nulltag January 26, 2012

    Now do it on the underside, moron.

  • drunkard January 26, 2012

    Sear it on a hot grill to finish it off.

  • 7shadesofquit January 26, 2012

    Now lower Mr Bond into the shark tank.

  • stevenh915 January 26, 2012

    just as a matter of interest i would like to meet some one who does this sort of thing so i can ask them "does it hurt" as i repeatedly punch them in the face !

  • rockinron January 26, 2012

    it's down the side walk not across the street dumbass!!

  • urapnes1701d January 27, 2012

    Well, i just pussied out. If its one thing i cant stand its cutting with knives and razors. I literally blacked out in the first few seconds. Call me a fuckin pussy, i dont care. I cant take that shit.

  • dkgarr999 January 27, 2012

    Fucking Obama support for sure!

  • dumbnigger January 27, 2012

    I am selling my xbox and PS3 for new razors and knives...fuck yeah party on

  • daddy_fat_sack January 27, 2012

    How can they do that? Like fuck me. I would be to much a poon to cut my self

    I just got lighted there for a sec

  • pinskylicious January 27, 2012

    Nothing like making your skin look like shredded ham

  • ghosthunter January 27, 2012

    Fuck i can't even watch this one.....

  • buttplug69 January 27, 2012

    turn your arm over!

  • erock January 30, 2012

    Once again... Crazy crackas do some stupid shit!

  • morbuis669 February 13, 2012

    What a dumbass, go for the veins you pussy!

  • homesick February 23, 2012


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