Rockets Ruin Good Times

It's a bad day when your foot gets blown off by a rocket and even worse when it's your face. But living in the Middle East, they should be pretty accustomed to bad days. Where were you on this one, Allah?

  • onebignig February 6, 2012

    red rocket red rocket!

  • frankdrebin February 6, 2012

    was that dude blowing the rocket launcher lol wtf?

  • keymaster February 6, 2012

    could you repeat that again please doctor?

  • honkie February 6, 2012

    he is talkin out the side of his neck

  • dustman February 6, 2012

    fucking must suck

  • smudge February 6, 2012

    poor kid, and his own government did this!

  • 2indastink February 6, 2012

    3 world health care at it's finest lol. Now use the rag on your head to mop that shit up with.

  • lenny9651 February 6, 2012

    i'm sure screaming at his and pounding on his chest will make him feel better

  • biggertalk February 6, 2012

    get this man a doctor for christ's sake.

  • killtacular February 6, 2012

    I think this is a video diary of some sort...probably some American missiles hit 'civilian' "targets" again. You know how the media filters out any US fuck-ups. Thank god for CrazyShit and their unyielding dedication to bringing us all the fucked up shit our media won't cover.

  • cruiserman February 6, 2012

    Allah is good,can't you see that Alibaba??

  • yeayeayea February 6, 2012

    chicks dig scars kid, you'll be fine.

  • asstro February 6, 2012

    I have heard of putting your foot in your mouth but never seen the after effects till now...

  • troyan February 6, 2012

    Peeing on that will make it all better...

  • kenpachi February 6, 2012

    Kinda got freaked out when i saw him moving in a condition like that

  • rockinron February 6, 2012

    he wont be eating at alans snack bar anytime soon!

  • iyaoyas75 February 6, 2012

    Hey, I remember this game from my childhood. Soul Reaver, that first just looks just like Raziel...LOL...Google it!!! LOL

  • fingers February 6, 2012

    just finish him

  • faceies February 6, 2012

    dad can we not go to that park aney more

  • jdgoma February 6, 2012

    Totally fucked up, almost lost it when I saw the kid...

  • tat2d_soldier February 6, 2012

    i feel bad for him.. he cant motorboat anymore titties

  • thederp February 6, 2012

    kind of gives a nice visual to the meaning "bite the bullet" doesn't it?

  • 7shadesofquit February 6, 2012

    Rockets - making dentists jobs 50% easier.

  • ironside February 6, 2012

    those allan ackbars are so dumb, they can't even use the rockets properly. like, rockets are designed to evaporate ackbars, not just fuck up their legs or their jaws

  • stevenh915 February 6, 2012

    the kid is all mouth and no trousers, the older guy is all trousers and no mouth. .

  • downunder69 February 6, 2012

    They think they're having a bad day ... I got this splinter under my nail I just can't get at

  • fiercepierce February 7, 2012

    Moved to the Near East or the Far East but don't stay in the Middle East. You might get you leg of face blown off.

  • dkgarr999 February 7, 2012

    Damn those ragheaded sand niggers get excited ... you'd think by now they'd be use to this kinda of thing and not get so excited and surprised that loved ones are simply cannon fodder.

  • mochalex February 7, 2012

    I think I'll cancel my vacation to Syria.

  • marcodufour February 7, 2012

    I didn`t give a fuck until i saw it was a kid!

  • ashrrr February 7, 2012

    stop sooking that its a kid, those little cunts tote guns in the same war as the adults, they deserve it haha

  • ghosthunter February 7, 2012

    Take him out back and put him out of his misery..

  • urinanus February 7, 2012

    the rockets red glare with blood in his hair .......

  • southernpride February 10, 2012

    God is mgihty in his fierce.

  • titopontebruto April 11, 2012

    why live after you have lost your bottom portion of your face you cant eat or even taste all the flavors this world has to offer damn he must be in the most craziest pain known to man and that boy is taking that missing leg like a champ lol wow little scare face gangster

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