Learning To Ride

What is this shit? I thought motorcycles were suppose to drive through walls. I'm sure it can, he just needs to keep trying. Aww, did you hurt yourself? Maybe he should have started with a moped.

  • keymaster February 8, 2012

    slowly let out the throtle ,aim for the wall,send video to crazy shit...perfect

  • dkgarr999 February 8, 2012

    Mexicans should stick to riding donkeys

  • frankdrebin February 8, 2012

    instead of Moped it should be called a Mopthatshitup

  • crazyvet February 8, 2012

    One bank, and idiot in the side pocket.

  • zombiefroghord February 8, 2012

    hahaha brown people and their hijinks

  • massiveballs February 8, 2012

    DNA all over the border fence

  • biggertalk February 8, 2012

    what a fag lmao.

  • lenny9651 February 8, 2012

    it's a motorcycle not a bumper car

  • stevenh915 February 8, 2012

    did you fall?. . .no i just thought i would attack the road with my face !

  • pistolwhip February 8, 2012

    reminds me of the first fat chick i fucked.

  • drunkard February 8, 2012

    Taliban cruise missile testing.

  • immanuelkunt February 8, 2012

    Why would anyone want to learn to ride a Jap piece of shit anyhow? The goddamn sonofabitch asked for an ass skinnin' and got one. And listen, reader: don't think I won't kick your liver out and roast it on a stick over an open fire with you watching. Just don't piss me off. None of you stinking little queers better piss me off. Goddamn your fucking hides.

  • yeayeayea February 8, 2012

    Walking must be a hazard for him.

  • nh3kid February 8, 2012

    Stick to the ricShaws Muther fucker

  • thederp February 8, 2012

    maybe he had juan too many beers.

  • rockinron February 8, 2012

    motorcycle is an old indian word that translates to english as: yourgonnadie

  • fiercepierce February 9, 2012

    Road rash is a hell of a disease call stupidity.

  • rodeye2 February 9, 2012

    You wrecked my bike now I must cut off your wang and feed it to you.

  • dumbnigger February 9, 2012

    the bike skid out from a half eaten dog burrito laying on the ground

  • boppalilbit February 9, 2012

    Kragslist posting: one motorcycle that clutch sticks comes with one armed gardener for $200 American cash can pay with paypal::: it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests Delivery available meet bot on the other side of the river at agreed time

  • stackhoutz1 February 9, 2012

    I said I know how to do this you stupid fuck now let me ride your bike...

  • johnrod_210 February 9, 2012

    Why get on the fuking bike, if don't know how to ride it!!!

  • harleybitch February 10, 2012

    Come let this harleybitch show you how to ride a bike u dumbass

  • ghosthunter February 10, 2012

    Stay the fuck away from a Harley dumb ass..

  • faceies February 12, 2012

    wiskey throttle

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