No Sleeping On The Job

Well, I think this accident might set construction back a day or two. I hope they don't get OSHA out here. Those guys are always breaking our balls. Let's just clean up the mess, and toss him in the dump truck before anybody sees.

  • frankdrebin February 22, 2012

    bad news, one of our workers died. good news, we now have enough mortar to finish the job

  • rockinron February 22, 2012

    dock that beaner a days pay for laying down on the job!!

  • acemc February 22, 2012

    lazy fuck - must be mexican

  • lenny9651 February 22, 2012

    FUCK!! i just paid to have a new building put up and it's already got ghosts, now i gotta pay to have ghostbusters come out

  • drunkard February 22, 2012

    Stoned on the job.

  • biggertalk February 22, 2012

    it's a white boy with a tan.

  • ohwickedwendi February 22, 2012

    "That broken leg bone looks like it hurts....get some morphine, stat!!!"

    "But ma'am, he's dead"...

    "I know that, you moron...the morphine is for me--it hurts just looking at that!"

  • morbuis669 February 22, 2012

    Hey biggertalk here's a new job opening for ya.

  • nh3kid February 22, 2012

    This is what you get when you hire those little fuckers outside home depot

  • southernpride February 23, 2012

    How the fuck did that happen? Did his buddy find out he was fucking his wife?

  • bigddd February 23, 2012

    Walk it off, fag.

  • bboyjuaco March 1, 2012

    and the they ask to work over time wtf nigga get ur lazy ass and work lol

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