Bridge Demolition Kicks Ass

The only thing you can do with a bridge cooler than jumping off of it, is blowing it up. Now if someone jumped off of it as it was blowing up, that would be as good as it fucking gets. You would have to slam some Mountain Dew to get extreme enough for that shit.

  • crazyvet February 24, 2012

    I love the smell of exploding C-4 in the morning.

  • tgarner February 24, 2012

    So much for that bridge over troubled water!

  • crazyasshole February 24, 2012

    didnt your mom tell you NOT to burn bridges?

  • tat2d_soldier February 24, 2012

    that should keep the inbreds from WV from crossing to Ohio

  • lenny9651 February 24, 2012

    i told bob fishing off the bridge was a bad idea

  • ghosthunter February 24, 2012

    I know that bridge, Ive been on that bridge many times when I drove over the road.. Damn that was one hell of a blast!!!

  • biggertalk February 24, 2012


  • thederp February 24, 2012

    now where will all are emos leap from?

  • boafmabalzich February 25, 2012

    one less path for those illegals to take.

  • badgrim February 25, 2012

    Damn Terrorists...what? wasn't terrorists?....then Yay that was Awesome!!!

  • southernpride February 25, 2012

    That was sweet, now was biggertalk on that bridge?

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