Run over and still alive

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Paco wasn't paying attention when he crossed the street and got run over. The story usually ends there, but not today, and not with Paco. He's alive with the truck parked on his ass. Good thing they don't bother to back up the truck and get some help, because Paco seems pretty comfortable there.

  • lenny9651 February 25, 2012

    good thing he's a yoga master or he could have be injured

  • smudge February 25, 2012

    none of those idiots know how to attach sand chains

  • zonk February 25, 2012

    fking amazing how every asian video of someone ran over, in car wreck, etc. the stupid bastards just fking stand there. Why dont the idiots get the truck off the guy??

  • unholy_shit February 25, 2012

    "Yup... Yup... Tire pressure is fine"

  • southernpride February 25, 2012

    another fine example of how out of touch we are with humanity, Look at the fuckers just standing around taking video. Help the man,comfort the man! In the last minutes of his life that is what he deals with! a bunch of ingrate morons taking fucking video?

  • vomitcrotch February 25, 2012

    rolled up like a burrito

  • slainme February 25, 2012

    well i think there is two reasons...they dont give a fuck about him..and two..i guess if they move truck he whould die

  • bigfun72 February 25, 2012

    How does one even get a job as a truck stop wheel chock?

  • rockinron February 25, 2012

    cheap ass truck got stuck driving over a dink!

  • drublix February 25, 2012

    Hang in there kid, they're calling a guy who knows how to put it in reverse as we speak

  • koon February 25, 2012

    It's so fucked up that no one's helping him.. Plus that one guy that was talking was smiling.

  • gasguy February 25, 2012

    does any body know how to speak FLIP,tell us what he says,,,an i dont think he gunna make it

  • thederp February 25, 2012

    last time i was caught up in that kind of a compromising position, i was with a tranny, 2 midgets, a sheep, and enough coke to kill a small horse. good times.

  • dozer67 February 25, 2012

    These guys are laughing at him crying, this is fucked up..

  • biggertalk February 25, 2012

    poor fucker.

  • nh3kid February 25, 2012

    The compasion is so abundant in these 3rd world countries aint it?!

  • honkie365 February 25, 2012

    Now he can easily blow himself.

  • ashandstephen February 26, 2012

    that explains why my kung pow chicken never arrived-

  • spinal12 February 26, 2012

    Poor fucker can still scratch his head

  • dkgarr999 February 26, 2012

    No H1B visa for you

  • mrbigglesworth February 26, 2012

    What part of "Back up Mother Fucker!" don't they understand?

  • wisconsinjed February 26, 2012

    Does camera dude say "get up, get up" at the very beginning of the ideo? It's what it siund like doesn't it? Poor, poor fellow?

  • wisconsinjed February 26, 2012

    Where'd you get this video??!! Of your grandfather's computer? As AT&T would say.....that's so 17 seconds ago! But in this instance it would be.....that's so 17 years ago!

  • superhotdom February 26, 2012

    He's saying, fuck my legs, whahappen to my dick?

  • ohwickedwendi February 27, 2012

    That had to be uncomfortable.

  • vulture February 29, 2012

    trucks over there obviously dont have a reverse gear

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