All He Wants Is To Smell Her Farts

Look who died and went to Japanese Heaven. Girls farting on your face is a fantasy held by every man from the land of the Samuri, but only those who die an honorable death make it to this realm of the afterlife. I see they're saving the poo medley for a special occasion.

  • rockinron February 27, 2012

    if you are asian muslim, do you get 72 pile's of shit when you die?

  • slippy February 27, 2012

    You think they are laughing now, wait untill they see his little 3" pecker.

  • frankdrebin February 27, 2012

    Note to self: Don't tell Japanese Applebee's wait staff it's your birthday

  • lenny9651 February 27, 2012

    the asian gas chanber, i think he's dead

  • crazyvet February 27, 2012

    That just smells like wierd.

  • tgarner February 27, 2012

    Guess he didn't have enough money for a turd, just a fart!

  • jugheadj February 27, 2012

    nasty bitch... nuff said.

  • thederp February 27, 2012

    i bet if someone lit a match it would make nagasaki seem like a firecracker.

  • ohwickedwendi February 27, 2012

    Excuse me, excuse me from the bottom of my heart, if I'd have pushed any harder it wouldn't have been just a fart...

  • biggertalk February 27, 2012

    Japan be normal for once.... just once, that's all i ask!

  • badgrim February 27, 2012

    And the world is America is fucked up...Ha

  • dozer67 February 27, 2012

    His fantisy is a bunch of gasy chicks in school girl uniforms?.... Only in Japan..

  • vomitcrotch February 27, 2012

    I'd let one fart in my mouth and hold it like a bong hit if they all let me stick macock down the throat till i nutted... just saying...

  • faceies February 27, 2012

    so thats why they all have pink eye

  • ludenlasivius February 28, 2012

    Just to add insult to injury, the U.S. govt started a rumor in 1945 that methane gas can cure radiation poisoning.

  • uk-13astard February 28, 2012

    wtf this is in a school classroom aswell i know what i would sooner be doing if i was him rather than smelling shit

  • daddy_fat_sack February 28, 2012

    Hung like an Asian...

  • rodeye2 February 28, 2012

    If I was in charge I'd turn those asses into flame throwers.

  • mrfluffdaddy February 28, 2012

    japs are full of wind and pish

  • ohwickedwendi February 28, 2012

    Quick--get the lighter!

  • whitechristian February 29, 2012

    Maybe niggas and Japanese should breed and see what happens? A little jiberish jive talking nigga with a middle leg holding his shit while walking around talking crazyshit...... about how fat white women love his radiator hose.

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