Fart Gas Mask

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Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville and this is the fart gas mask...ohh wait. That isn't this. This is some dude that gets his kicks by having some big assed white woman fart into his gas mask. I think farts are funny, not sexy. I wasn't sure if this was hot or not, so I fapped anyways.

  • crazyasshole March 3, 2012

    i can fap to this!

  • crazyvet March 3, 2012

    So glad they got that on video.

  • onetime42 March 3, 2012

    Chances are that his breath will still be more tollerable than hers after this.

  • johnmadden11 March 3, 2012

    BDSM--when undesirable fat women get a chance to have a weirdo worship them. Everybody wins

  • numberonefan March 3, 2012

    In world war 2 we have used gas masks that looks very similar.

  • onetime42 March 3, 2012

    @numberonefan you'd probably be praying for a turd to shoot through there if you were the one wearing that fuckin' thing.

  • frankdrebin March 3, 2012

    what - no go pro camera on that mask???

  • m1009 March 3, 2012

    being even more funny if he threw up and blew it back into your asshole

  • mccracken March 3, 2012

    well, I would ask you out to dinner, but seems you have already eaten!

  • badgrim March 3, 2012

    That poor bastard...

  • lenny9651 March 3, 2012

    a man will do anything a woman asks him to if he thinks it will lead to sex, ladies go tell your man that nothing makes you hornier than watching a man paint a house, i gaurentee you will have three coats of paint on your house before the sun goes down

  • stevenh915 March 3, 2012

    wait til he pukes and fills your ass full of chunks

  • me68 March 3, 2012

    if she wasnt a big fat ass , ugly slag and he wasnt a fat , pathetic looking turd, it 'may' have been sexy, HUGE emphasis on the 'may' !!!!!!!!

  • thederp March 3, 2012

    step aside, hun, and let me have a go at it. we'll see what he's made of yet!

  • biggertalk March 3, 2012

    seriously it's like y'all are just giving me ammo for this shit. smdh.

  • acemc March 3, 2012

    ^^^ shut the fuck up! i bet you're wack'n off to this right now...

  • rockinron March 3, 2012

    i bet atleast 1000 asians signed up as new members today after seeing this one.

  • faceies March 4, 2012

    ass mask

  • angeldreamer March 4, 2012

    if he want to smell shit,then just go visit niggertalks cave

  • uk-13astard March 4, 2012


  • mrbigglesworth March 4, 2012

    Feel it turning...? Skanky bitch!

  • jugheadj March 4, 2012

    Idea stolen from Jackass.

  • rodeye2 March 5, 2012

    What the hell is that beast,a tri-pod?

  • slippy March 5, 2012

    Dude should should attach hose to car tail pipe, then send that video in.

  • siistheman April 14, 2012

    thats fucking hilarious, i want a show of farting down that pipe though an see if i can kill the guy!

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