Better Catch The Next Bus

That's why they have bus stops, buddy. You wait at the bus stop, the bus stops, you get on the bus, and the bus goes. It's a simple and effective method. And it usually prevents morons like you from walking face first into a moving bus. Not this time though.

  • lenny9651 March 15, 2012

    so i guess your not superman and you can't stop a bus with your face, lesson learned

  • smudge March 15, 2012

    the short one will along soon

  • ghosthunter March 15, 2012

    Video is from Poland right..

  • rockinron March 15, 2012

    pretty fucked up when your dumber then your dog!!

  • badgrim March 15, 2012

    GTA motherfucka 20 Points!!!

  • frankdrebin March 15, 2012


  • chargers March 15, 2012

    The Dog was like ha ha mother fucker you got knocked the fuck out!

  • vulture March 15, 2012

    he's lucky the evil bus did'nt kill hi

  • crazyasshole March 15, 2012

    he meant to take the short bus!

  • crazyvet March 15, 2012

    What the Hell, does he practice this shit or something?

  • fiercepierce March 15, 2012

    I am thinking it was an insurance scam, he looked to eager.

  • biggertalk March 15, 2012

    fake and gay.

  • ludenlasivius March 15, 2012

    You know that trick where you pretend to throw the ball for your dog and he goes running off looking for it, while the whole time it's still in your hand? Well, seeing-eye dogs don't think that shit's cool. And now it's payback time, bitch!!

  • potrostation March 15, 2012

    That shitty seeing eye dog!

  • ohwickedwendi March 15, 2012

    My brother lives in Poland, ghosthunter, and he wouldn't do something that stupid....besides--that kinda looks like the Russian evil bus to me.

  • uk-13astard March 16, 2012

    i thik russian vodka lables should put a warning on it


  • mccracker March 16, 2012

    biggertalk, of course its fake, you stupid nigger, its an insurance scam.

  • bongwizard420 March 16, 2012

    "Dog says" Hey fuckhead watch the bus...Awe fuck whos fixin diner now fuckface..

  • morbuis669 March 16, 2012

    It must be pretty hard to see that bus coming, but from the looks of it this seems to happen a lot to this guy.

  • arathron March 16, 2012

    the dog is ok, everything is fine

  • jkirk1963 June 15, 2013

    Jerome Bettiss just hit him.

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