Week In Crazyshit: Henry And Dead Deer

Henry is still in New Zealand hiking around, drinking beer, and prostituting his body to the natives, but he found some time to send us a video of a bunch of dead deer. I hope he had sex on top of that pile. Maybe even with it. Send us some more videos, brutha. You know Jay and I are lazy as fuck when it comes to doing intros.

  • acemc March 30, 2012

    first fuckers!!!

  • crazyasshole March 30, 2012

    not one of those comments were funny!FUCK YOUS GUYS!

  • ghosthunter March 30, 2012

    Really. who put the top ten together.. next time do it sober.

  • rodeye2 March 30, 2012

    You can sharpen your own fucking axe in your ass crack.

  • ohwickedwendi March 30, 2012

    Don't you mean, "fist fuckers", acemc?

  • rockinron March 31, 2012

    i think you guys need to hire a jap to do the week in crazyshit.

  • handsomedevil March 31, 2012

    that one from luden still kills me.

  • uk-13astard March 31, 2012

    this weeks top 10 where shit and the top 10 comments of the week only 3 where funny U GUYS ARE GETTING SLOPPY STEP YOUR GAME UP

  • badgrim March 31, 2012

    damn i got 2 this week...sweet.

  • killkenny April 3, 2012

    You people sure do bitch alot about something you're getting for free. Lick ma balls.

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