Israeli Police At Work

Why are Jews constantly so pissed off about everything? It's always, "$1.50 is too damn expensive for a bagel. No I will not fucking work on the Sabbath. Why do these asshole Palestinians always want their land back that we stole from them?" Settle down, Hebrews. At least you still control the mass media.

  • badgrim April 17, 2012

    sometimes you just gotta beat up a hippie.

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  • killtacular April 17, 2012

    Why are we allies with these animals again?

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  • zahnfee April 17, 2012

    ISRAEL: Land of peace and love... Damn i hate Jews...

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    • valkonnen May 23, 2018

      @zahnfee I hate them too, but in this case, what I hate even more are these pieces of shit that would sell out their own country. They should be taken off and shot for the good of the world.

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  • ohwickedwendi April 17, 2012

    What the hell are these people protesting this time?

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  • lenny9651 April 17, 2012

    israeli jews are alot more badass than american jews

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  • sactownryder April 17, 2012

    Do you know how the grand canyon was created? A jew dropped a nickel...

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  •   crazyvet April 17, 2012

    Police brutality in Israel doesn't start until the bullet leaves the barrel of their weapon.

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  • sleeko April 17, 2012

    No way I'm talk'n shit to a guy with eyebrows that thick.

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  • makemebad April 17, 2012

    They fucking deserve to be hit protesting what! Their protests are bull to begin with. LONG LIVE ISRAEL AND HER PPL !!! DOWN WITH ALL WHO OPPOSE! HAHAHAHA HATE ON THAT BITCHES

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  • crazyasshole April 17, 2012

    wheres my jew bat when i need it?

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  • drunkard April 17, 2012

    Clipped him right in the nose.

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  • coonboy April 17, 2012

    Well I wish we knew if AK47's tasted likegood chicken?-

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  • thestrangler April 17, 2012

    Why can't the Palestinans go back to Jordan or Egypt or where the fuck they originate from...?!

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  • biggertalk April 17, 2012

    don't tread

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  • tonkpils420 April 17, 2012

    police brutality seems be everywhere

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  •   potrostation April 17, 2012

    Had to break up the dangerous biker gang.

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  • spaulding April 17, 2012

    He straight clip whipped that fucker in the face. That's an all new move. It's not a pistol whip, it's not a buttstock to the face. It's a clip whip. Hollywood is going to be all over that.

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  • jp5er April 17, 2012

    Fuck you dumbass! The Israeli's didn't "Steal" palistine's fucking land. Educate yourself before making fucked up comments.

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  • me68 April 17, 2012

    israel, palistine , christians etc etc etc all of them are religious freaks, they all believe 'fictional' man mad up bullshit , all it does is cause hatred and death, u all deserve each other and all the grief that comes with ur stupid belief decisions !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • bite-me71 April 18, 2012

    Seeing how much shit the people of Israel put up with from these stinking camel fuckers. I say that fuckhead got off lightly. Get in my face I break yours.

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  • fiercepierce April 18, 2012

    I am still waiting to see a video of a soldier muzzle punching some raghead fuck. Now that is funny as hell and leaves a cool o-ring mark.

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  • dkgarr999 April 18, 2012

    You know what. It is time for a military coup here in the USofA. Face it the only people in power the public has any respect for is the military, and they deserve it. The only preventing the military from taking of is the military's sense of honor and duty, so they wait to see if things will get worse. For now that seems like the best course of action. Wait and see.

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  • dickhertzalot April 18, 2012

    It worked! They got the hell out of there.

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  • tenebrous April 18, 2012

    White supremacy at work again.These cave monkeys are not the real hebrews.What you have living there now are gutter trash which is only going to be cleansed with nuclear fire which is prophecy.These pieces of crap have suffered non of the curses set against the true Israelites.Anybody who has done any serious non-biased research will see this.Shalom!

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  • tenebrous April 18, 2012

    THE real Hebrew's were originally black and therefore by birth not conversion like the gutter trash you have living there now.These scum have been perpetrating a fraud for centuries because some arrogant racists fuckheads need to believe that they actually matter.

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  • strayak47 April 19, 2012

    @makemebad, id like to see how powerful israel is without american aid. fuck israel, fucking leech of a country.

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  • the_real_truth August 14, 2012

    The kind of police we need here in the states, all kinds of liberals here to beat and shoot.

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