Week In Crazyshit: Greg At The Improv

I'm sure plenty of you remember Greg from the good old days, and if not, here he is. He did his first standup comedy act and Jay recorded all the action. What a silly guy. Jay also recorded himself shitting, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy, bitches.

  • ghosthunter April 27, 2012

    go pick cotton.. pays better.

  • onetime42 April 27, 2012

    Nice job this week crazyshitters.

  • crazyasshole April 27, 2012

    so starts off with jay droppin a deuce and ends up with a joke about drinking piss. now i can die a happy man! lol WTF!!!!!!!

  • tyrayle April 27, 2012

    Its like his mouth is falling down the stairs.

  • massiveballs April 27, 2012

    COTW was ok,but the rest was shit. Last week was funnier.

  • sparkles April 27, 2012

    Id rather watch my dog take a shit!

  • ohwickedwendi April 27, 2012

    Uh, yeah....

  • urapnes1701d April 27, 2012

    JAY: ARE YOU TRYING TO SHOW US ALL YOUR DICK? EITHER THROUGH ADAM OR BY YOUR OWN HAND? I'm becoming disturbed by this. I think you want to. The thing is though, nobody else does!

  • potrostation April 27, 2012

    Keep it up Greg. It's tough to make people you've never met laugh.

  • rockinron April 27, 2012

    uh ohhhh!! looks like jay has dickie doo disease. thats an aflection where your belly sticks out farther then your dicie do.

  • rodeye2 April 28, 2012

    Hey Jay,you look a little wasted.

  • davez123 April 28, 2012

    That was THE most ridiculous stand up routine ever! He sucked!!!

  • nh3kid April 28, 2012

    I was wondering what happened to good ol Greg! If thats his first set he did pretty damn good ! work on it brother you got potential!

  • uk-13astard April 28, 2012

    greg sucked

  • furiousmale April 28, 2012

    It takes some balls do get up on stage and do that. He started losing them towards the end but overall a decent set. Refine the set and keep plugging away.

  • assclown April 28, 2012

    Don't quit your day job. I mean that in a caring way, not an asshole way. I would hate to see you on the street sucking dick for sandwiches.

  • darkcraven April 28, 2012

    that guys about as funny as aids

  • 2indastink April 29, 2012

    HAHAHAHA Greg you bald lesbian, died on your ass.

  • rodgtard April 30, 2012

    Poor Greg. Fucker still isnt funny.

  • ouch April 30, 2012

    crazyshit/cnt/medias/16241-week-in-crazyshit---ano ther-end-to-a-wonderfully-shitty-week

    Check this link out.this is when Greg was funny, When he had hair

  • yeknom May 1, 2012

    Greg lives!

  • drummerdan69 May 1, 2012

    Greg sucks....

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