Can Your Car Do A Flip?

Those manholes can be a real mother fucker, especially when they have no cover. It reminds me of my skateboard wheel hitting a rock and sending me flying. Guess who wasn't wearing her seat belt.

  • urapnes1701d April 30, 2012

    Them Ninja Turtles know how to have a good fucking time!

  • crazyasshole April 30, 2012

    theres another shot of this one that was taken from the silver van following that truck

  • lenny9651 April 30, 2012

    is it a magic manhole cover? first it was there then it wasn't

  • rockinron April 30, 2012

    i wonder what kinda new car the city's gonna buy her?

  • mobliz April 30, 2012

    we saw the view from the van behind the amazing flipping suv the other day... on thursday, we'll see the camera angle from the pot hole.

  • frankdrebin April 30, 2012

    something tells me this bitch drives with a raincloud constantly over her car

  • biggertalk April 30, 2012

    woman was driving.

  • ohwickedwendi April 30, 2012

    That's how the city workers get their entertainment.

  • handsomedevil April 30, 2012

    she'l settle up pretty nice after the lawsuit.

  • tandt974 April 30, 2012

    manhole covers made in china.

  • alnitely May 1, 2012

    they call him flipper

  • dickhertzalot May 1, 2012

    Ok, who the fuck posts a camera in a tree unless they had something to do with this?

  • bigtalk May 1, 2012

    OH SHIT i hope everybody was hurt

  • stealmywheels May 1, 2012

    It was an explosion that caused the manhole cover to be launched into the air. Underground aging wires cause a spark that ignites the gases in the sewers.

  • badgrim May 1, 2012

    fucking Chud's

  • doc_ock May 2, 2012

    Only niggers were hurt making this film

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