Tear The Roof Off The Mutha Sucka

Stick to tight rope walking, guy. Even though you suck balls at it, you'd be a lot worse at something like construction or engineering. You definitely need to stay in a field that requires no common sense.

  • flattie May 18, 2012

    Cheap Mexican labor!

  • tgarner May 18, 2012

    4 star resort, correction, 1 star

  • huntergjc May 18, 2012

    Damn Mexican architects.

  • jman1 May 18, 2012

    Today's lesson: Compressive strength vs tensil.

  • urapnes1701d May 18, 2012

    Danger: Swimming in dirty mexican pools may result in a sudden onslaught of shingles.

  • ohwickedwendi May 18, 2012

    They should have been mowing some lawns.

  • crazyasshole May 18, 2012

    fucking brazilians! always fucking up shit in their speedos and shit! fags!

  • lenny9651 May 18, 2012

    put some sharks in the pool then i'll be impressed

  • frankdrebin May 18, 2012

    that's okay, 3 mexican and 50 bucks later it's fixed

  • handsomedevil May 18, 2012


    typical american ignorance- can't even distinguish brazilians from mexicans or portuguese from spanish. fuck's sake...

  • vulture May 18, 2012

    hahahahahaha best laugh i've had all day

  • biggertalk May 18, 2012

    handsomedevil you expect anything but ignorance from these cunts on here?lol.

  • bubbacrow May 18, 2012

    thats what you get for wearing a fuckin mankini with no chicks around. and whats the fuckin difference, if you aint ah-muhr-ican then you is just a foreigner!

  • rockinron May 18, 2012

    he'd of had better balance if he was wearing his mother fucking ball shorts!

  • onetime42 May 18, 2012

    @handsomedevil Just so you know, if it speaks spanish it's considered Mexican.

  • lenny9651 May 18, 2012

    ^^^^we call them cubans in florida

  • crazyasshole May 19, 2012

    ^^^^or just spics for short! and yes brazilians are spics that just speak an even dumber language than spanish!!

  • crazyasshole May 19, 2012

    @handsomedevil i believe frank drebin was referring to mexicans as being the repairmen for the damage you fucking moron touchy little fuck!

  • croccock May 19, 2012

    FUCKEN LATINOS! There yeah happy I said Latinos not mexican, spanish, brazilian or Chileans, either way you make good food but shitty strutters. Trust me my porchofgeese girlfriend can make some good food but cant put together a fucken book shelf without it falling apart.

  • cubanshit May 19, 2012

    alright listen here you motherfuckers , to all of you , all of you racist bitches , for those who call cubans and latinos in general spics , i do admit some of us have fucked this country up and understand why you all hate them , but some of us come here to fucking be something , unlike you stinky ass cunts i have the fucking brain to be a chemical engineering, do the math that your macho man american ass cant do , so shut the fuck up because im cuban but not dumb , ohh and i get more pussy in two days than you in 10 years, now tell me why are you better than me.

  • boney1 May 19, 2012

    lmao watching the shingles slide down was amazing fun i wanna see bigger mexican roofs falling on dumber mexicans

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