The Cartel Was Here

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Adam H.
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I see the Cartel was here earlier, and once again, they refused to clean up after themselves. Didn't their mothers teach them any manners. It's not polite to other drivers to just leave your murder victims laying in the road with their heads cut off. That could really cause a traffic jam.

  •   rockinron May 25, 2012

    mexican news that night"a 3 car accident involveing 6 people occured today on the road to jaurez. all the victims in the accident where killed instantly by other news the zeta cartel is doing a wonderful job patroling the streets and keeping the peace"

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  • preferemshaved May 25, 2012

    When's the last time you saw a come to Mexico add? Come see beautiful Mexico, were we only behead Mexicans.

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  • frankdrebin May 25, 2012

    cartell your friends to stay the fuck away

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  • lenny9651 May 25, 2012

    fucking slobs, at least in america we throw our trash on the side of the road

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  • biggertalk May 25, 2012

    this is no joke folks......... :O

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  • wisconsinjed May 25, 2012

    There you go, shooting your mouth off before you know all the facts! Whoever this is JUST drove upon the "accident"! Don't you think you should make sure they are DEAD before you start throwing around the "murder" word? Talk about jumping the gun....well this case it would be ah a.......knife!

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  • ghosthunter May 25, 2012

    Welcome to Mexico on the Highway to HELL..

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  • ohwickedwendi May 25, 2012

    I really hate when I'm in a hurry and have to slow down for the dead and dismembered bodies on the ground.

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  • billybadbird May 25, 2012

    damn i wish i didnt see this kind of stuff every day in real life. the cartel dont mess around. dont ever make eye contact with them when they are out in numbers.

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  • lenny9651 May 25, 2012

    wisconsinjed, do you think this "accident" caused everybodys heads to come off?

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  • badgrim May 25, 2012

    Ok kids roll 'em up...(fastly rolls up windows)

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  • d90girl May 26, 2012

    we not in Kansas anymore....

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  • stealmywheels May 26, 2012

    They do not fuck around. Could you imagine hiding in the bushes watching it. These guys were already killed, but they felt the message was more important by cutting all their heads off, and piling them up medievil style. We should have motion sensored turrets at our borders, I don't care how cheap their margaritas are, fuck Mexico.

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  • pinkdildo2 May 26, 2012

    the only use for them, speed bumps, you slow down evrytime you see them.

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  • pjctmkultra May 28, 2012

    this wouldnt happen if drugs were legal

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  • dubjunkee June 1, 2012

    i like how the guy honks at the end. "no there not gonna move for you ass, they dont have heads"

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