Jumping Jacks For Jacking Off

As always, we at Crazyshit want to promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Jumping jacks are a simple and effective way to get the blood flowing, and get all your muscles warmed up and ready for action. Just watch her and learn some good technique. She's a really great teacher.

  • atmydismay May 31, 2012

    Hum a da hum a da

  • tgarner May 31, 2012

    Best milk shake I ever seen!

  • onetime42 May 31, 2012

    Ok, nice workout routine. Now let's try it again naked.

  • luchtbrigade May 31, 2012

    you think she knew her titties were hanging out?

  • keymaster May 31, 2012

    If hypnotists did this in their act they would get enormous audiences

  • marcodufour May 31, 2012

    I could have saved her the effort by laying her down and making her tits bounce the same way.

  • nativenatas May 31, 2012

    Nice tits, now ho make my fucking sammich!

  • biggertalk May 31, 2012

    do some taibo

  • crazyvet May 31, 2012

    I think she needs to do the exercise more than I need to watch her do the exercise.

  • lenny9651 May 31, 2012

    you were half right adam, it did get my blood flowing but it only got one of my muscles ready for action

  • darkrain May 31, 2012

    H.O.T. Motherfucker

  • zward May 31, 2012

    Slow motion titties are awesome

  • boppalilbit May 31, 2012

    IDK but that looks like it would hurt after a while. but shes not bad I was expecting something crazy fro you Adam for some reason.

  • preferemshaved May 31, 2012

    Bounce those jugs baby

  • tandt974 May 31, 2012

    hope she doesn't wonder why her breasts are so saggy next month

  • ludenlasivius May 31, 2012

    If she keeps doing that my face will freeze in between them.

  • sparkles May 31, 2012

    Im surprised she didn't walk outta there with 2 black eyes!!!

  • ohwickedwendi May 31, 2012

    I did that last night running down the isles in Walmart...unfortunately, my boobs didn't look as good as these.

  • crazyvet May 31, 2012

    If the were out Wendi, I wish I could have been there to cheer you on girl.

  • rockinron May 31, 2012

    black folks say white folks got no rythm! but the nigs didnt see how i kept to the beat of them tits when i was jerkin the gerkin just now, or they'd never say it again.

  • zardoz333 June 1, 2012

    now if she would just ride my cock and make them bounce like that!

  • rodeye2 June 1, 2012

    My neck hurts now.

  • pizzapie June 1, 2012

    She wasn't doing the jumping jacks correctly

  • handsomedevil June 1, 2012

    nothing like being drunk and watching some beautiful latina titties bouncing up and down like such. i see like 6 of them bitches, though... anyway, i'm winning!

  • ghosthunter June 1, 2012

    I got whiplash just watching this video..

  • ryublood June 1, 2012

    Hey baby my Dick is playing jack in the box.

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