Unusual Hit And Run

This is a quite literal hit and run. That mother fucker saw the alley and dipped right the fuck out of this accident scene. Could it be a stolen bike? Or maybe he was tailing his ex and didn't want to get busted. Whatever the case, it's some pretty funny shit.

  • acemc June 7, 2012


  • lenny9651 June 7, 2012

    ok let's go over this again, it should be called a hit and drive because you have to drive away from the scene of the accident,if you leave your bike and just run away then the police are going to run your plate and be waiting for you when you get home

  • frankdrebin June 7, 2012

    looks more like hit and fun

  • bigtalk June 7, 2012

    i guess that little white kid wont be getting that heart anymore no lost

  • rockinron June 7, 2012

    heeeeeeeee's safe!!

  • preferemshaved June 7, 2012

    Well this is the first guy I've seen actually divert tragedy.

  • biggertalk June 7, 2012


  • boppalilbit June 7, 2012

    Thats a Detroit style hit and run

  • ghosthunter June 7, 2012

    mopeds are now fighting back..

  • dozer67 June 7, 2012

    He laid that bike down on purpose, because he thought he was going to hit the white car turning left and then he went after him on foot to punch his lights out..

  • drunkard June 7, 2012

    knock, knock, knock, can I use your toilet

  • banger1987 June 7, 2012

    He shit his pants and pressed the front brake, fuckin noob.

  • morbuis669 June 7, 2012

    Fuck that he wasn't going to be late for work today.

  • mytch June 7, 2012

    i think he went after the white car that turned in front of him

  • rodeye2 June 8, 2012

    Where's a Mac truck when ya need one.

  • potrostation June 8, 2012

    I've hated a bike that much too.

  • ryublood June 9, 2012

    You left your evidence sir.

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