Politician Loses His Shit

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Adam H.
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I don't follow nor do I give a shit about politics anymore, because if I did, I'd be constantly flipping my wig like this guy. I think he needs to take it a couple steps further though, and start punching these punk ass mother fuckers who are systematically bringing our country down to an utter pile of shit. Keep fighting the good fight.

  •   siko666 June 7, 2012

    Id like to see more of this...I am all for American Sovreignty !!!!! Fuck the NWO !!!

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  •   siko666 June 7, 2012

    Don't stop careing Adam ! We need all the people who give a shit we can get, and we need to get angry and stop the bullshit destruction of America by design. Britan never got over our independence and they are comming at us as a wolf in banker suits.

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  • ludenlasivius June 7, 2012

    He must be behind in the polls.

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  • rimjobber June 7, 2012

    What an idiot. Go to Syria and try to vote...and get your throat slit. Better yet, go to Somalia and have your hands and feet chopped off for stealing a piece of shit from a community toilet.

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  • mrfluffdaddy June 7, 2012

    TAXI for fanny

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  • lenny9651 June 7, 2012

    it won't change until we stop voting for career politicans, the founding fathers never wanted politics to be their career, if you could ask them politican would be way down the list of things they did, they served their country out of a sense of duty not because they wanted to make a career out of politics, elect an average guy who's in touch with what the average americans needs and then things will change

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  • frankdrebin June 7, 2012

    someone needs boxing lessons from lazy eye in the other video

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  • bigtalk June 7, 2012

    all whites fear the HNIC FACT

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  • mrratty June 7, 2012

    get rid of ALL current politicians. Entire new house and senate, 1 or 2 year terms for every fuckin office, from mayor to pres.. Period! No more of this 20 and 30 year incumbent shit.

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  • hickory June 7, 2012

    Elect me and I will cut taxes make jobs create world peace, blah, blah, blah. Nothing will ever change. Same ol ' BS.

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  • preferemshaved June 7, 2012

    I could actually get behind this guy. We've been letting politicians run their own agenda for to long. Yeah and to all the Obama fans he's been the worst culprit of this force fed bullshit. Hopefully we have learned our lesson and vote him out this year.

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  • gofkurself June 7, 2012

    here we have a man that is sick and tired of the bull shit and isnt afraid to speak his mind. good for you sir.

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  • biggertalk June 7, 2012

    is that a crazy republican

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  •   rockinron June 7, 2012

    good bless americans like this guy!! i will stand beside this man and fight for the true america our country was founded and meant to be!! we need to rally up and head for washington and stop the madness on the hill!! not with pens and paper but with fists and strength and unity!! we need tpo take back this country before its to late!1 the constitution states that we must stand up and bear arms against the government when it dont work for or represent us. the time has come to fight !1 the time is now. and like all other americans that feel this way. im just gonna sit here and let it happen. we are truly fucked folks. because we dont have the balls to actually stand up and rage against the machine at capitol hill.

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  •   crazyvet June 7, 2012

    This same thing happens to me when I forget my morning prozac.

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  • ghosthunter June 7, 2012

    I don't know what state he is from, But I as sure as hell would vote for him!!!

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  • drunkard June 7, 2012

    They'll stop when we're all enslaved. Instead of leg irons and chains, they're using regulations and taxes.

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  • zahnfee June 7, 2012

    So Adofl Hitler is American???

    Ok... So Heil American Führer !!!

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  • morbuis669 June 7, 2012

    Put this guy in charge of more.

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  •   handsomedevil June 7, 2012

    idk what this chap is going off about but i agree with one thing: if obama was the answer, then it was a stupid question.

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  • txdo_msk June 7, 2012

    All I want to know is what state is he from?

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  • rodeye2 June 8, 2012

    ^^^I think it was Illinois state house.^^^

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  • rodeye2 June 8, 2012

    I think bigtalk was reffering to the "Hysterical nigger in Chicago"But I don't know what there is to fear they sent that Idiot to the White house.

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  • bite-me71 June 8, 2012

    Got one thing to say if you make politics a career you do not have the best interests of the people in mind. Make all those fuckers serve one term thats it no more serving 30 or more years. And plus take away their right to vote for their own pay raises they should get paid for what they do which is nothing. Fuck give pay raises to soldiers who fight for this country, they get paid so shitty that their family has to go to food pantries. i have said enough.

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  • alnitely June 8, 2012

    is it me or am i the only one who was turned on by the big titi milf in the background?

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  • ohwickedwendi June 8, 2012

    Thank you, sir, for restoring my faith that a few politicians still give a shit.

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  • bubbacrow June 9, 2012

    ADAM H., I LOVE THIS SITE, AND U ARE A GIGANTIC PUSSY. u take it all for granted. pussy

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  • honkie365 June 9, 2012

    With a nigger in the white house what can you expect?

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  • china_mike December 13, 2016

    Bet his mama gave him whatever he wanted growing up; he's that kid that screams in the grocery or department store when he didn't get what he wanted. See what you created, bad mama?

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