Can I Borrow Your Fire Extinguisher?

This actually happened at a gas station not too far from Henry's pad. You have to be pretty pissed at someone to set them on fire. I wonder what she did to her. Bitches are crazy. Stop, drop, and roll, lady. Or run around and fan the flames. Either way is fine for me.

  •   rockinron June 13, 2012

    hey! thats someones wife mother or daughter!! do be so cruel.............put a bullet in her head and stop her agony!!

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  •   rockinron June 13, 2012


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  • keymaster June 13, 2012

    Klu Klux Klan equal opotunities division getting busy

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  • tgarner June 13, 2012

    That was an ex husband and wife. She was meeting him to pick up their kid and he poured gas on her and set her ass on fire.

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  • lenny9651 June 13, 2012

    they put operating instructions on cigarette lighter because they know black people will use them

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  •   pizzapie June 13, 2012

    It couldn't be racism, it's black on black. Now if he was white, we'd call in Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton to make sure everyone knew it was all about racism and nothing else.

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  • atmydismay June 13, 2012

    I think she got away with out paying for her itsall good.

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  •   handsomedevil June 13, 2012

    i bet her fat ass hasn't moved like that in years.

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  • ghosthunter June 13, 2012

    People seem to forget the STOP DROP AND ROLL when they are on FIRE!!

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  •   crazyvet June 13, 2012

    The husband is trying to convince police that it is a case of spontaneous human combustion.

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  • arathron June 13, 2012

    if you see someone is about to lit you in flames you just don't scream and bitch, you fight for the sake of it and if you are already burning alive, hug the other damn motherfucker and take it with you, of course there is a problem here 1.- they are all niggs and 2.- at least the one in flames look like something that resemble a woman which doesn't make her exactly good at thinking

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  • biggertalk June 13, 2012


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  • ohwickedwendi June 13, 2012

    Guys will do anything to get out of paying child support.

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  • preferemshaved June 13, 2012

    Atleast he didn't eat her face off.

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  • sharkkiller1 June 13, 2012

    shes already been left in the oven too long the guy must really like his meat dark

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  • morbuis669 June 13, 2012

    To bad he didn't have the gas pump turned on.

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  • drunkard June 13, 2012

    Cheap nigger, he brown bagged his own gas instead of buying it.

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  • ryublood June 14, 2012

    It always comes down to, \"dont touch my man, b*tch!\"

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  • banger1987 June 14, 2012

    Biggertalk allways said his momma was hot.

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