Stepping On Your Balls

Those are some super nice shoes she has on. They look perfect for a nice night out on the town or for stomping on some balls. I wonder which one she'll use them for.

  • onetime42 June 29, 2012

    Just watching this makes me want to put a bag of ice on my own balls.

  • dickhertzalot June 29, 2012

    This video is exactly what the Supreme Court did to the American people yesterday.

  • keymaster June 29, 2012

    And people pay for this you say???

  • preferemshaved June 29, 2012

    Must be a cartel torture video. I can tell from the rediculous pointy shoes.

  • frankdrebin June 29, 2012

    fuckin divorce court...

  • crazyvet June 29, 2012

    While his shit is nicely posed there, go ahead and cut it all off. He doesn't need it.

  • rockinron June 29, 2012

    midevil phantasys are fucked up.

  • biggertalk June 29, 2012

    just pop those things. lol preferemshaved what a homo over there analyizing the fuckin shoes!

  • number1dnvrfan June 29, 2012

    This one had real good balance. Also, didn't run the stiletto heel through the underside of his dick, into his urethra like the last one. Was a bit of a bloody mess you see.

  • pinkdildo2 June 29, 2012

    dicks are made for fucking and sucking..

  • ryublood June 29, 2012

    My balls my balls please stomp on my balls.

  • sparkles June 30, 2012

    Damn them are some ugly-ass shoes that ho's got!!! She must have bought em at witches-r-us!!!

  • bigtalk June 30, 2012

    i hope he got the money up front

  • ludenlasivius June 30, 2012

    Looks like somebody's just asking for a gasoline douche.

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