I love me some terrible drivers!

Here's a fine fine, compilation of some of the finest when it comes to driving. This is the kind of shit that I love to see in person if at all possible. Especially the 180 to backwards grind down the center guard-rail. Lovely.

  • lenny9651 July 7, 2012

    if it wasn't for women drivers and bikers the ride to work would be pretty boring

  • 2indastink July 7, 2012

    Ehmm... yes, a white guy FROM SPAIN found the place and named it San Francisco (and Sacramento, San Antonio, Los Angeles, San Diego, etc.). Mexicans came later.

  • rockinron July 7, 2012

    that little lizards gonna be broke as fuck if we dont get women off the streets!!

  • potrostation July 7, 2012


  • preferemshaved July 7, 2012

    I to have Allstate. Now go fuck yourself.

  • crazyvet July 7, 2012

    Looks like everyday at noon where I live.

  • triode July 7, 2012

    that last guy corrected like a fucking pro

  • vulture July 7, 2012

    russians are good at ballet...great pirroet and recovery

  • biggertalk July 7, 2012

    *women drivers

  • me68 July 7, 2012

    how lucky is the last bloke, that trucky saved his life !!!!!!!

  • boppalilbit July 7, 2012

    In all my years of driving have never been in an accident where alcohol wasnt involved so suck a big one all you anti MJ people

  • rodeye2 July 8, 2012

    ^^^Lay off the drinking^^^

  • rc2james July 8, 2012

    So what do you guys do? Mount a camera on the CrazyShit Mini-Van and go crusing. Looking for wrecks or people having their face chewed off? Good times in the Sunshine State.

  • ohwickedwendi July 8, 2012

    I thought I heard the geico pig in the third one.

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