He Has The Power

Yep, the power lines do indeed work. Thanks for solving that mystery for us. But this brings up another question. What is the best way to get rid of burning corpse smell? I really hope he didn't take out the power for the rest of us on the block.

  • rockinron July 19, 2012

    quick throw water on him!!!!!!!!!

  • jesse69 July 19, 2012

    Damn, that dude was still alive after all that.

  • biggertalk July 19, 2012


  • frankdrebin July 19, 2012

    fried like falafel

  • lenny9651 July 19, 2012

    these sand monkeys live in the stone age, of course they has no idea how electricity works

  • 2indastink July 19, 2012

    dirty stinking paki cunt.

  • vulture July 19, 2012

    steal my electricity and i'll roast your ass on a BBQ...oh you already did

  • crazyvet July 19, 2012

    I think they are waiting for change to fall out of his pockets.

  • sharkbait July 19, 2012

    all that hit the ground was a couple pieces of charcoal,ashes and a wristwatch

  • killtacular July 19, 2012

    Hey, all you fukcheads screaming your heads off below..it's called a fucking cutoff switch. USE IT. Ignorant bitches. How the fuck do these people get by without blowing themselves the fuck up on a daily basis?

  • xizang July 19, 2012

    Stealing copper wire is a great way to make a little extra money

  • drunkard July 19, 2012

    Wire, wire, pants on fire.

  • jman1 July 19, 2012

    Another fully charged iPhone.

  • bubbacrow July 19, 2012

    please lord, when i have done wrong and it's my time to answer, when my crotch is on fire and i have a bazillion volts running through my genitals, please, PLEASE, let me die.

  • lenny9651 July 19, 2012

    killacular, actually they do blow themselves up on a daily basis, don't you watch the videos here?

  • bigtalk July 19, 2012

    they take tightrope walking over there seriously

  • ohwickedwendi July 19, 2012

    Now that's an extreme body modification.

  • potrostation July 19, 2012

    ...chestnuts roasting on an open fire...

  • arathron July 19, 2012

    missing the safety of good ol' treetops country boy?

  • kush_mcnuggets July 19, 2012

    lmfao, just like when that fool fell on the subway tracks.. Somebuddy for the love of God PLEASE, PLEASSSE Grab a Metal Pole and poke him.. I wanna c the Mayhem Spread!

  • rareranking July 20, 2012

    Guess he now realizes why no one ever stole the wires!

  • spaulding July 20, 2012

    Electric head, all in my head, all in my....

  • killkenny July 20, 2012

    Dumb as a pg poster

  • bucknuts July 20, 2012

    But he gets HBO for free now, so...................

  • marcodufour July 20, 2012

    What no silly bitch saying " I got your shirt " ?

  • amy_f_fowler July 25, 2012

    i like this :D

  • the_real_truth August 14, 2012

    Hey is it just me or do you get a craving for fried chicken when you watch this??

  • jferr3 March 14, 2015

    You gotta be fucking shitting me.

  • lilsuz March 9, 2016

    I wonder if some thought goes into how much pain one will go through by how they will commit suicide. You've already poured the gasoline and lit the match when the pain hits you and you start to inhale flames and think, 'Oh wow. This is slow and huuuuurts soooo much.'

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