White boys can jump!

All I got to say about this shit is DAAAAAMMMMNNNN! That boy can jump high as fuck! Now he needs to get a skateboard and start ollying moving cars! That would really impress me!

  • frankdrebin July 25, 2012

    "wooo!" and "yeaaa!" make up 90% of his vocabulary

  • potrostation July 25, 2012

    Skill only use full at the Olympics.

  • crazyvet July 25, 2012

    He must let out one hell of a fart to get that extra foot of height.

  • sharkbait July 25, 2012

    he's trying to make up for lack of inches elsewhere

  • kush_mcnuggets July 25, 2012

    Congratulations. Now y dont u go out and get a real job?

  • killtacular July 25, 2012


  • rockinron July 25, 2012

    biggertalk jumped that high when he lost his hershey cherry.

  • preferemshaved July 25, 2012

    I listen to ffdp and have a 10 inch vertical leap. Wtf!!

  • lenny9651 July 25, 2012

    he just took away the only thing black people could feel superior about

  • sizzle13 July 25, 2012


  • tgarner July 25, 2012

    Is that the same guy that jerks off all over himself, only he got a haircut?

  • biggertalk July 25, 2012

    lenny there is a long list any black person can feel superior to you about.

  • killtacular July 25, 2012

    Biggertalk: Like what? Highest number of niggers on welfare?

    Highest crime rate?

    Most videos of dumb niggers fighting over dumb shit?

    Most suckerpunches?

    Most Saggy-pants dipshits?

    You gangsters must be so fuckin' hardcore, right? Wearin' your pants around your fuckin' asses like you're hardcore, not knowing that PRISON BITCHES started that shit to show they were "available"? Yeah, you're so hard. packed hard by all them dicks you must take since you're all so fuckin' AVAILABLE.

  • chimiami July 25, 2012

    Mad props brah!!

  • txdo_msk July 25, 2012

    I was kind of hoping it would all tip over while he was up there...

  • biggertalk July 25, 2012

    killtacular was i talkin to you you mentally handicapped virgin?

  • biggertalk July 25, 2012

    please do me a favor and put that pistol to your head and pull the trigger

  • ohwickedwendi July 25, 2012

    Yah, but can he play basketball with those jumping skills?

  • killtacular July 25, 2012

    Is that the best you can do, Bitchtalk? Go eat a bucket of KFC and calm the fuck down.

  • bigtalk July 25, 2012

    your fit good for you now fit yourself in a damn job and get off of welfare damn whites

  • rockinron July 26, 2012

    nigger please^

  • biggertalk July 26, 2012

    fagtacular i'm just getting warmed up

  • killtacular July 27, 2012

    if that's "Warmed up", I can't wait to see what you're like when you're "on fire". Probably about as clever as a 12 year old with a crack habit.

  • guns4fun427 July 27, 2012

    He's listening to the sword while he's jumping. The black river is the song in case you were wondering.

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