Someone's getting an ass whoopin!

I reckon the dude driving the car gets the ever living fuck beat out of him after the end of the video here. If he'd been in Florida pulling that shit with some of my friends, he would of probably caught a bullet. Fuckin idiot!

  • cuda1179 July 27, 2012

    Althought the guy in the car escalated things it looks like the bikers may have been the first to cut someone off and drive like retards.

    By the way, 10 days without the Forums? What he hell guys? Fix that shit.

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  • frankdrebin July 27, 2012

    do these guys reproduce like mosquitoes?

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  • preferemshaved July 27, 2012

    I don't care who cut who off. I have had this done to me with my old lady on the back of my bike. The dude hit us on purpose after he threw a soda at us. A cop saw him and he got arrested on attempted murder. I think he eventually pleaded to assault with intent.

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  • cuda1179 July 27, 2012

    Hell, I met a prick biker that punched a dent into the side of my car because I didn't change lanes to make room for him to get through. About 10 minutes later at a gas station when he went in to pay I used a box cutter to slice off the valve stem on his rear tire. I'd say that makes us about even.

    I respect bikers that follow the rules of the road. Those idiots that drive bikes like shit get little sympathy or courtesy from me.

    Don't ride two bikes side-by-side in the same lane. Don't pass between cars unless you have your own lane. Don't pass on the shoulder. Don't ride a damned wheely on the highway. Following 15 feet off my bumper is still tailgating. Changing lanes 10 times in 30 seconds without signalling still makes you an ass.

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  •   GrimmWilder July 27, 2012

    My GOD! that was boring,,,,,We need the Forums bad!

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  • product July 27, 2012

    For all we know those bikers where trying to rial up the traffic behind them. Blocking all lanes going under the speed limit.?! Maybe?.They should stop acting like they own the road or they will eventually be part of the road. Also How do you know the driver of the vehicle didn't have a gun. "He would have caught a bullet in florida doing this" OR maybe you would have caught a bullet yourself?! I love bikes but respect the road AND the people driving on it.

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  •   rockinron July 27, 2012

    are you all a bunch of fuckin basement dwelling assholes or just mama's boys with no sense of the real world!!! it dont fuckin matter what the guy on the bike did!! nothing justifys trying to kill someone on a bike with a fucking car!! you whinney pussy whip bitchs that never rode a bike before are the ones im talkin to!! what kinda fuckin retard wants to go to jail for 20 years for killing someone over road rage! i woulda followed this fucker to hell if i had too and then beat the fuckin shit outta him!!!

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  • mrratty July 27, 2012

    To my utter disgust, and amazement, I have to agree with cockinron on this one. I am a bike rider(not "biker"), and I also conceal carry. Any attempt on my life by a car, and they will know they fucked up! Dont pre-judge me. I wont kill them while they are driving, I will let the cops handle them, after I "stop" them and the car they're in. BY any means, I will stop that car!!!

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  • cuda1179 July 27, 2012

    The guy in the car was acting like a dick, I'll give you that. However, if the bikers had threatened him or attempted to hurt him, then runnng them off the road may have been self defence. We simply don't have enough to go on at this point.

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  • lenny9651 July 27, 2012

    the guy in the car was an asshole, but if your going to try to take on a car with a bike then your a complete moron

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  •   crazyvet July 27, 2012

    Can't we all just get along? I would have shot someone too.

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  • yomammasass July 27, 2012

    None of these infantile, motherless fucks deserve to be on the road, much less be permitted to bear firearms.

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  • biggertalk July 27, 2012

    a bunch of bitches.

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  • boppalilbit July 27, 2012

    What was that The Pansy Ass bike club chapter?

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  • kush_mcnuggets July 27, 2012

    You ALWAYS carry a little Crown Royal pouch of broken sections of porcelain for Just These Kinds Of Fucks.. Or a .38 revolver that is a throw away...

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  • cuda1179 July 27, 2012

    For all the normal bike riders out there, good luck to you all.

    For all the ass-hat, wanna-be bikers out there, I'm considering carrying a giant bag of marbles in my car. Why? To dump in front of you on the road, then laugh as you wipe out.

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  • ohwickedwendi July 27, 2012

    PLEASE let that driver be my ex husband--PLEASE let it be him....he needs his ass kicked for doing this very shit.

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  • cheetochop July 27, 2012

    so what happened they all got off their bikes and didnt do shit

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  • billybadbird July 27, 2012

    fuck that i am a biker and ride with a group like that. and we know to respect the bigger vehicle... the CAR! dumb chicks on phones are the worst too. but if drivers of that said car are dicks like that a bullet goes into the front tire and we ride away. simple as that.

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  • bigtalk July 27, 2012

    3+ mins just to hear a bunch of white boys sell wolf tickets typical thats the only time white boys grow balls is when they totally out number the other FACT

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  • eviscerate July 27, 2012

    big talk niggers are the same way so shut you cocksucker

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  • biggertalk July 28, 2012

    haha bigtalk my nigga

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  • mccracken July 28, 2012

    Fuck those idiots...zoom in and out of traffic, and drive like fucking assholes. Just like blacks - a whole lot give a few good ones a bad name!

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  • kush_mcnuggets July 28, 2012

    its funny bigtalk, u are retarded as fuck. you obviously couldnt distinguish the fact that ol boy with the camera on his bike, was black. u dumb fuck.. if u had half of a brain or got out much youd b able to make that distinction on your own.

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  • invisus July 28, 2012

    As a motorcycle rider, the roving packs of douche-bags that weave through traffic doing wheelies and don't signal lane changes deserve to be made into greasy spots on the road. As a rider it is your responsibility to ride defensively. As for the guy in the car, I was kind of hoping he was waiting for them to all line up their douche-bag mobiles then run the fucking things over.

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  • kcinhighdef August 21, 2013

    bikes are for fags

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