Crackhead Loves Al Green

Al Green is a big ol' pimp and his soulful music is perfect for making sweet love to your woman. Or if you're a crackhead, it's perfect for making sweet love to a fitness magazine at the gas station.

  • rockinron August 2, 2012

    now that biggertalk has finally sent a video of himself in, i kinda feel sorry for the guy. nope it passed, thanks for proveing us all right biggertalk.

  • spaulding August 2, 2012

    Excuse me sir, WHY didn't you shoot him?

  • lenny9651 August 2, 2012

    just a wild guess...he doesn't have a permit for that gun or a recipt for that camera

  • frankdrebin August 2, 2012

    one thing's for sure - someone's missing a pair of pants, a jacket and a magazine and they don't want any of that shit back.

  • gofkurself August 2, 2012

    my god these people make me sick what a disgusting race of humans.

  • crazyvet August 2, 2012

    Get the fuck outta her, and you can keep the magazine.

  • biggertalk August 2, 2012

    at least i get out of my basement cockinron.

  • angeldreamer August 2, 2012

    What else to expect from theese people...

  • drunkard August 2, 2012

    It appears that finding that magazine was a bigger discovery than finding out that watermelon was delicious.

  • vulture August 2, 2012

    thats the closest he will get shaggin any white bird

  • bigtalk August 2, 2012

    cracker bait

  • dozer67 August 2, 2012

    ^^^^so is a dollar and your mom^^

  • hickory August 2, 2012

    Looks like Memphis on a sat night.

  • preferemshaved August 3, 2012

    Yeah that deserved a shooting

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