One way fight.

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Henry M.
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Aparently Spoda tried to steal the wrong dudes shit. He gets a good old-fashioned home-cooked ass whoopin! Spoda gets his fuckin pants beat off! Gotta love the camera man too. He's got some quality commentary.

  • 2indastink August 5, 2012

    Nigger foreplay.

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  •   crazyvet August 5, 2012

    I think he fucked him first, beat his ass, and was ready to turn the dogs loose on that motherfucker.

    +2 -1
  •   rockinron August 5, 2012

    the nigga geting beaten was the producer manager of the nigger giving the beating. apparently beatee stole music from beator and sold it and

    beator is now beating his ass for it.

    +3 -1
  • dickhertzalot August 5, 2012

    Release the hounds!

    +0 -0
  • angeldreamer August 5, 2012

    Bring out the rope......

    +6 -3
  •   vulture August 5, 2012

    alpha male keeping the troop in its place

    +2 -2
  • lenny9651 August 5, 2012

    typical, act tough until he gets his ass whipped then he crys like a little bitch, he got a can of whoopass opened on him then got beat with the can opener too

    +3 -0
  • stevenh915 August 5, 2012

    its black king of the hill. . . dang ..

    +2 -0
  • biggertalk August 5, 2012

    the words "keep fighting it whiteboy it makes my dick harder" that were uttered to him during his days in that dark cold prison cell still haunt angeldreamer to this day.

    +0 -10
  • kush_mcnuggets August 5, 2012

    You'd think, wether your a bitch or not.. At a certain point, get the fuck up and ATLEAST try to defend yourself.. Dont jus crawl around cryin like a fuckin bitch...

    +2 -0
  • sactownryder August 5, 2012

    He should have used the shit defense

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  • preferemshaved August 5, 2012

    First all black fair fight I've ever seen.

    +3 -1
  • killtacular August 5, 2012

    what a bunch of stupid fuckers niggers are, callin' their enemies "bro" and their friends "nigga". Some backward-ass bullshit right there. But, more on the subject, I'd beat a motherfucker's ass, too, if he tried to steal from me. I've done it before, and that little bitch ain't been back to this neighborhood since.

    +2 -2
  • shit4brains August 5, 2012

    Nigga's is easy...Punch dem once and da pants fall down...... den yall kick da shit outs em

    +4 -1
  • drtyrell August 5, 2012

    He just wanted to see that BLACK DICK!

    +2 -2
  • angeldreamer August 5, 2012

    I can almost hear the zookeper laugh......

    +5 -2
  • biggertalk August 5, 2012

    ^ i can almost hear the black guy that was pounding your fucking ass laugh too

    +1 -8
  • danmanp821 August 5, 2012

    There is definetly one bad "advantage" of wearing your pants low like a true GANGSTA.......

    +0 -3
  • doc_ock August 5, 2012

    You know your a FAGGOT when you bet someone with there pants off. TNB

    +2 -1
  • hickory August 5, 2012


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  • wisconsinjed August 6, 2012

    I keep telling myself "even though I see the red brick that is used in most of the projects it's not 100% proof that that's where they are!" That would be stereotypical, right? And that's not a good thing is it? Shame on me!!Shame, shame, shame!

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  • ghosthunter August 6, 2012

    Subtitles would help..

    +2 -0
  • pjg1196 August 6, 2012

    2indastink so you admit you were liking what you saw and you were jelious cause you werent there then it wouldve been nigger foreplay lus redneck rapist

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  • nameless1 August 6, 2012

    Can anyone translate what that nigger was saying into actual English? All I heard was "nigga" & "bro" the rest sounds like mumbling, maybe his lips got in the way?

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  • pjg1196 August 6, 2012

    Or maybe you silly rednecks are too stupid to understand like a blonde to a job

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  •   dozer67 August 6, 2012

    Maybe next time you swallow then spit when you suck my dick bra..

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