His Leg Might Be Broken

Well that leg is going to be useless for sometime now. Maybe forever. That's pretty shitty. Too bad you can't buy just one shoe at a time.

  • kstoney August 7, 2012

    walk it off youll be fine

  • lenny9651 August 7, 2012

    never try to kick a pitbull

  • rockinron August 7, 2012

    well atleast they've evolved to useing gause instead of newspaper or palm leaves to cover the wound now.

  • vulture August 7, 2012

    ^^^ the size of that gause i think a palm leaf would have held it all together better

  • frankdrebin August 7, 2012

    how do I know it's a first world country? no, not because there is no moped in the picture, but because he's surrounded by people that actually care.

  • biggertalk August 7, 2012

    doesn't look painful

  • crazyvet August 7, 2012

    So, did the moped survive?

  • preferemshaved August 7, 2012

    Yeah that legs gone

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