That Was A Bad Place To Stand

This just goes to show, you've always got to be on point. It doesn't matter if you're in the street or near it, be ready to move, and really fucking quick. Her little stutter step didn't do much for her.

  • frankdrebin August 8, 2012

    wow, her BF just took domestic abuse to another level - he just bitch slapped his girl with a car!

  • two-hats August 8, 2012

    Standing on the street corner....that wasn't the kind of blow she had in mind.

  • hickory August 8, 2012

    ^^^^ frank, that's what I was thinking

  • biggertalk August 8, 2012

    oh shiiiiet

  • vulture August 8, 2012

    dukes of hazzard would have done a better job and not a scratch on the car

  • bigtalk August 8, 2012

    fuck her check on the tree

  • rockinron August 8, 2012

    standing on a corner

    In Winslow, Arizona

    And such a fine sight to see

    It's a girl, my lord

    In a big ass Ford............

  • ghosthunter August 8, 2012

    Drive had to have been from the middle east.

  • lenny9651 August 8, 2012

    the atomic bitch slap

  • potrostation August 8, 2012

    Drive by watch theft fail

  • arathron August 9, 2012

    i know that their intentions were the best, but for fuck sake! never move a person when has been bitch slapped by the front of a car, you can cause more damage, basic first aids, of course never be like these chinese assholes that don't do jack shit

  • rodeye2 August 9, 2012

    Wait for it,wait for it......pow,right in the kisser.

  • marinero August 10, 2012

    i would of done a matrix move..

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