NYPD Puts Protective Pitbull Down

Aww, poor dog was just trying to protect his homeless owner. So what if he bites a couple cops. I guess beating him senseless with their night sticks and yelling, "Stop resisting!", only works if he's not resisting.

  •   potrostation August 17, 2012

    I say, good shot man!

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  •   potrostation August 17, 2012

    For real. The dog's tail was wagging. The pig was never in danger.

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  • azzholee August 17, 2012

    those pigs electrocuted for injuring that innocent dog

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  •   crazyvet August 17, 2012

    I hate to see any dog get shot, but I wouldn't have let him attack me either.

    +9 -1
  • woozlewuzzle August 17, 2012

    They don't mind when their dogs bite the shit out of "criminals" but god forbid if they get bit and they start shooting like their life depends on it.

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  • lenny9651 August 17, 2012

    had to kiil him, dogs love the taste of pork

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  •   GrimmWilder August 17, 2012

    Bad all around.,.,.,.,

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  • atmydismay August 17, 2012

    Would a tazer have killed the Dog?

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  • judasx August 17, 2012

    No more videos of Animal Cruelty or Child Suffering. This may be Crazyshit but there should be a Moral Line that should never be crossed.

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  • kush_mcnuggets August 17, 2012

    Goddamnit that makes me fucking mad, that wasn't a shitty ass dog either, that mother fucker Looked Good! i'm willing to bet that wasn't a shitty backyard breeding, and that dog cost someone some cash initially.. But, just like his owner, It looks like their both dead now...

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  • lordsho August 17, 2012

    The dog lived. Whoever is complaining about animal death videos when we have videos of HUMANS being tortured and maimed needs to shut the fuck up.

    +4 -1
  • willdou August 17, 2012

    Omg! Why you kill him?? Because the motherfucker want to bite me! Thats why bitch!! I'll even kill you if you bite me!!

    +4 -1
  • biggertalk August 17, 2012

    MY DAWG!!!!!

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  •   rockinron August 17, 2012

    lordsho and willdou are absofuckinlutely right!!!!!

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  • bigtalk August 17, 2012

    YES c.s is starting to post more vids showing cruelty to animals this site just gets better now i like dogs so that was fucked up but if you get a chance to see the whole video the way the dog wiggles around after he gets shot is funny

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  • kush_mcnuggets August 17, 2012

    I looked into it further, Yes, the dog show "slight signs of improvement". But I don't believe it. it doesnt matter if you do have a 24-27" head, when u take a bullet from a fuckin magnum revolver to the fuckin head (Yes, they shot it in the fucking head), the odds are definitly stacked against you.. BUTTTT, crazyshit, is crazyshit, no1 was complainin when those tigers ate the fuck outta that goat yesterday.. LMFAO. wether we like it or not, KEEP IT COMIN, CS IS THE FUCKIN SHIT THRU N THRU!

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  • island_mon August 17, 2012

    Good shot officer. Those pitts aren't to be played with. They will fuck you up.

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  • szandor August 17, 2012

    He should let the dog bite him? What the fuck is wrong with you people?

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  • billybadbird August 18, 2012

    dude fuck that cop, i have a couple pits that are only protective, not vicious unless you seem violent. in this situation just back away and the dog will just charge you and bark.

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  • mrbigglesworth August 18, 2012

    ^ Exactly. Except for when they latch on every now and then and hang on for a minute or five...

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  • billybadbird August 18, 2012

    ^^lol only when they feel their master is threatened but yeah it happens accidentally sometimes. but this is a homeless guy this dog is used to being around lots of ppl so it would make sense that its a nice dog.

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  • captjim August 18, 2012

    You guys all pissed off about the cop killing the dog should go fuck yourself. If YOU had a gun and some fuckin' dog was charging YOUR ass, you'd shoot too. It's sad that the dog misunderstood the cops, but the man on the ground obviously needed help, but the dog was being protective, and since there wasn't time to explain shit to the dog, AND the dog was charging the fuck out of copper's ass and was clearly about to attack, he did what he had to do. Are all you fuckers blind or what?

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  • immanuelkunt August 18, 2012

    Absolutely beautiful! That's the best video since the little pukes beat the shit out of a dog with their skateboards. Maybe CS is showing some departure from being a fourth-rate shithole for porn and gonna start running some good videos. C'mon, you CS fuckheads: lets see some more fucked up dogs!

    +2 -6
  • kush_mcnuggets August 19, 2012

    fuck u immanuelkunt, and asfar as wat u said captjim, look at the actual news footage. Yes, the owner of the dog had a very bad seizure and Needed help, BUT, after fuckin blastin the dog in the head, do they go over and even Attempt to help the man? NO. Do they attempt to even see if the dog is ok at all, or do anything to secure it? NO. These fuckin pigs were just completel piles of fuckin shit, they just blast and then stand around fucking a bunch of butt-fucking, faggot retards for a Gooood 6-7 minutes and still dont do fucking shit... Fuck them! What is the point in Shooting and causing a stir, if your NOT EVEN GONA HELP THE MOTHER FUCKER WHO U WERE TRYIN TO HELP? How the FUCK is that "The Right Thing"?

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  • yeyo666 August 20, 2012

    I can't believe we all feel worst for watching a dog getting killed by a cop than a black dude getting set on fucking fire with a tire around it's neck for stealing someone else's cocoa butter...beautiful

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  • cynuckm March 14, 2014

    you fucking PIG,Fuck the police kill them motherfucker's stupid bastard. i hope you go to hell for killing a poor dog motherfucker's when you take a life 'you will pay a life.It will be you or your sister or your wife or your mama, motherfucker Fuck the police.He should go to jail for animal cruelty. FUCK YOU FUCKING PIG

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  • dormagen1 March 29, 2014

    as a citizen who carries, if a dog i didnt know charged me id pull my gun out to. if it bit me id shoot but in this case it was in a territorial state and defending his pack. i would do the safe thing in this case.

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  • shitdick666 September 27, 2016


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  • slayer0904 September 15, 2017

    stupid polis

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