Skateboarder's Face Introduced To Asphalt

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Adam H.
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It was nice little line right up until his face met the asphalt. When you sound retarded after a fall, it's usually not a good sign. But at least his friends were there to laugh and record it all.

  • zahnfee August 22, 2012

    walk it off sissy

  • frankdrebin August 22, 2012

    will they go home and film their gay sex with a fish eye lens?

  • gixxer_king August 22, 2012

    Haha pussy skateboarder fags.... Love it!!! Then you got the retard saying "what did you hit?"

  • potrostation August 22, 2012

    Chicks dig scars. Now you just have to talk to one.

  • bigddd August 22, 2012

    Looks like he broke his jaw, guess he can't suck his friend's cock anymore

  • vulture August 22, 2012

    nice ariel stunt with a CS landing

  • rush August 22, 2012

    I guess you thought that getting fucked up the ass was less painful!

  • rockinron August 22, 2012

    great friend ya got there buddy. i bet he tells ya to shake it off when ya got bones protruding also don't he.

  • boppalilbit August 22, 2012

    HAHAHA 2 days ao I watched a long boarder being pulled by a motorcycle the motorcycle stopped so did the long board by the dudes face into the back corner of a suv lmao I had no cell or cam with me dammit

  • lenny9651 August 22, 2012

    you knew it could happen before you started, so don't cry like a bitch when it does happen

  • nnoocha August 22, 2012


  • crazyvet August 22, 2012

    Get ready to relearn everything you used to know, like talking, walking, and jacking off.

  • biggertalk August 22, 2012

    POW! right in the kisser.

  • potroast666 August 22, 2012

    It looked like a perfect landing to me.

  • immanuelkunt August 22, 2012

    A terrible waste of a skateboard. Skateboards, as every true CS fan knows, ARE FOR BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF DOGS.

  • arathron August 22, 2012

    and this is how Corky Tatcher was born

  • silverbolt709 August 22, 2012

    Ain't nothing cooler then writhing in pain on the ground after you busted your chin open and now sound like a deaf retard.

  • bigtalk August 22, 2012

    what did the white boy say to that asphalt "i'm your huckleberry"

  • josh1196 August 22, 2012

    Damn he went from superman to superbitch

  • gostanley August 24, 2012

    Don't ya just love it when Gravity wins!!!

  • smegmalick August 27, 2012

    That sound of pain in his voice also reminds me of myself ejculating

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